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XBOX Live Achievements of Left 4 Dead 2

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
Supreme Sacrifice Complete “The Sacrifice”. fifty
Kill Bill Bill sacrifices to save the team. fifty
Barrel of fire Kill a special infected with an explosive barrel. fifty
Electrifier Maintainsén the 3 generators worked at the same time. fifty
Sacrisuplegicio As a special infected, it incapacitates someone who isé trying to sacrifice. fifty
I still have something to demonstrate Survive all the campaignñAs in expert. 35
Let’s get serious A campaign survivesñA at the expert level in realistic mode. 35
Confederate bruises A campaign endsñto use only melee weapons. 30
Tank hamburger Kill a tank with melee weapons. 30
PersonalityÉCtrica RESANIMA 10 Survivors with the defibrillator. 30
Date Vidilla RESANIMA 10 Survivors incapacitated under the accelerating influence of adrenaline. 30
Not without my dwarf Rescue Gnomo Chompski from the Fair. 30
Controller aÉCONVICT Defends the demolished plane and yourself without sufferingñeither. 30
Respect the duel MuéGo down the sugar and arrives at the shelter without killing any witch. 30
Destruction with discretion MuéGo through the parking lot and reaches the cemetery shelter without shooting any alarm. 30
Bridge on truculent hordes In the climax of the bridge, it crosses in less than 3 minutes. 30
RetIntabodas Like Charger, grabs a survivor and EstéLlay against 8 chairs at the wedding. 30
Mutant chieftain Play 6 mutations. 30
SÉ ORIGINAL Kill a tank infligiéNoñor only with the original survivors. 30
Search port Play 5 complete games in search mode in the port. 30
Tumb Raider Collect 10 objects that a fallen survivor has released. 25
Good swing The head is 18 infected with the golf stick. 25
Sale and ups and downs Survive the campaignñto the dead man. twenty
Concert for them Survive the campaignñto a sinister fair. twenty
Cajún to the rescue Survive the campaignñto swamp. twenty
Enduring the chaparrón Survive the campaignñto El Flovio. twenty
A very distant bridge Survive the campaignñto the parish. twenty
LET’S GO BY PARTS Kill 15 infected with a single shot of Lanzagranadas. twenty
The complete collection Kill one of each type of characteristic infected. twenty
Death between the waters Kill 10 mudges without getting out of the water. twenty
Don’t go, heart In a confrontation, leave the shelter to revive a dead colleague with the defibrillator. twenty
The acid rider Like jockey, riding a survivor and driving it to the acid puddle of a Spitter. twenty
Human ram As Charger, he pushes the whole rival team with the same load. twenty
MEAT TENDERIZER As a charger, grabs a survivor and crush him against the ground for 15 seconds without pauses. twenty
Oil tycoon Collect 100 cans of gasoline in search. twenty
They like gasoline Collect 15 cans of gasoline in the same search game. twenty
With gasoline it is not played Forces survivors to drop 25 cans of gasoline playing as a special infected. twenty
The torch bearer Survive the campaignñA death. twenty
Easy trigger With the M60, it kills 25 infected without releasing the trigger. twenty
KILL ME SLOWLY Put the new song of the Midnight Riders in a Gramola. twenty
STASH Open 5 ticket offices. twenty
Zombies Party Beheaded 200 infected with a member. fifteen
Closely is more fun Use all types of gun to kill normal infected. fifteen
Sticking the problems Kill 100 normal infected with the chainsaw. fifteen
Ambulant Armería Place an ammunition improvement and let your equipment use it. fifteen
Burning Fire on 50 normal infected with incendiary bullets. fifteen
The colossus in sauce Lanzale a tank a bottle of bile. fifteen
Steals zombi Collect 10 Boomer vomiting bottles of the CEDA to whom you have killed. fifteen
Stop doing the clown Top the noses to 10 clowns. fifteen
Conga fritanga With a molotov, it burns a clown who takes at least 10 normal infected. fifteen
Charger Kill a charger with a melee weapon while cargo against someone. fifteen
Preventive attack Kill a Spitter before I can spit. fifteen
It is no horse Kill a jockey in less than 2 seconds laterés that he has jumped on a survivor. fifteen
Mustachafador Shows that you are faster than mustachio. fifteen
Bell and it’s over Shows that you are stronger than Mustachio. fifteen
Union make force Forms a team and defeat your rivals in confrontation or search of 4 against 4. fifteen
Expert rider Like Jockey, it rides the same survivor more than 12 seconds. fifteen
Survivors’ tamer Like Jockey, it rides two survivors in the same life. fifteen
Sputate Congress As Spitter, it impacts all survivors with the same acid puddle. fifteen
ÉChame a hand, friend As Spitter, it spits to a survivor who isé drowning a smoker. fifteen
Long -distance transport Like charger, grabs a survivor and lléI value you 25 meters. fifteen
Without spending a bullet In a survival game, obtéIn a medal using only melee weapons. fifteen
Hunting game Win a search game. fifteen
Closing the tap Prevents the rival team from collecting any can of gasoline during a search game. fifteen
Oil crisis Make a survivor release a can of gasoline during extension. fifteen


Achievements Requirements
A Ride Denied (15) Kill a jockey in the first two seconds after getting on top of a survivor.
A Spittle Help from My Friends (15) Like a spitter, spit on a survivor who is being drowned by a smoker.
ACID REFLUX (15) Kill a Spitter before I can spit.
Armory Of One (15) Get an ammunition improvement and make your team use it.
Back in the Saddle (15) Like jockey, riding survivors twice in the same life.
Beat the Rush (15) In a survival round, overcome only using melee weapons.
Bridge Burner (20) Survives the campaign of the parish.
Bridge Over Trebled Slaughter (30) Cross the final bridge in less than three minutes.
Burning sensation (15) Incinera to 50 common infected with incendiary ammunition.
Cache and Carry (20) Collect 15 gasoline cans in a single Scavege round.
Chain of Command (15) Kill 100 infected with the Mechanical Sierra.
CL0WND (15) Make the noses of 10 clowns.
Club Dead (15) Use all melee weapons to kill the common infected.
Confedeacy of Crunches (30) A campaign ends using only melee weapons.
Crass Menagerie (20) Kills an infected from the non -common of each species.
Dead in the Water (20) Kill 10 mud men while they are in the water.
Dismerment Plan (20) Kill 15 infected with a single explosion of Granada.
Fried Piper (15) Using a molotov, it burns a clown who leads at least 10 infected.
Fuel crisis (15) Get a survivor to drop a can of gasoline during extra time.
GUZZLER GAS (20) Collect 100 cans of gasoline in scavege.
Shortage gas (20) Get the survivors to drop 15 cans of gasoline as infected not common.
Gong Show (15) Try that you are stronger than Moustachio.
GRAAT EXPERTORATIONS (15) As Spitter, it reaches each of the survivors with a single spit.
Guardin ‘Gnome (30) Rescue the gnome Chompsky of the Carnival.
Head Honcho (15) Beheaded 200 infected with melee weapons.
Heartwarmer (20) In a round versus, salt from the security room to defibrilla a dead company.
Hunting Party (15) Win a scavege game.
Level to Charge (15) Kill a charger while carrying a melee weapon.
Long Distence Carrier (15) Like a charger, take a survivor and take it on top for 80 feet.
Meat Tenderizer (20) As Charger, he takes a survivor and escape against the solid floor for 15 seconds.
Midnight Rider (20) Survive the dark carnival campaign.
Price Chopper (20) The death center survives the campaign.
QUALIFIED RIDE (15) Like Jockey, riding a survivor for at least 12 seconds.
Ragin ‘Cajun (20) Survive the Charco Fever Camp.
ROBBED ZOMBIE (15) Collect 10 units of vomiting of boomer agents of the infected CEDA that you have killed.
Rode Hard, Put Away Wet (20) Like jockey, riding a survivor and take it to an acid puddle of a splitter.
Scattering Ram (20) Like charger, tomb all enemy team in a single charge.
SCAVENGER HUNT (15) Make the enemy team not get any can of gasoline in a Scavege round.
Septic Tank (15) Use a pump in a tank.
Shock jock (30) Relive 10 survivor with the defibrillator.
SOB STORY (30) Navigate the sugar warehouse and arrives at the security room without killing any witch.
Stache Whker (15) Try that you are faster than Moustachio.
Still Something to supply (35) Survives all the beds in expert.
Strength in Numbers (15) Forms one team and beat another player in a 4VS4 in Scavenge.
Tank Burger (30) Kill a tank with melee weapons.
The Quick and The Dead (30) Relive 10 disabled survivors while you are under the effects of adrenaline.
The Real Deal (35) Survives a campaign in expert with the realistic mode activated.
Violence in Silence (30) Reach the cemetery security room without activating any of the alarms.
Weatherman (20) Survive the hard rain campaign.
Wing and A Prayer (30) Defend yourself and do not receive damage on the star plane.

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