Zombie Apocalypse cheats: Never Die Alone Xbla – Xbox 360 – Cheat codes, Guides

Xbox Live Lombie Apocalypse achievements: Never Die Alone Xbla

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
Exhausted Determination is your second name. 40
Playing with power You have improved your characters in History mode A player or multiplayer. 30
Career Épica Starting with a new game, you and three players have completed the story mode. 30
The Pwnage You are not no rookie, you can code with the boys of pure pwnage and destroy 10.000 Zombies! 30
Supersalvator You have saved all the survivors in the story mode, and you took them to the yacht without dying. twenty
Long survival plan You have survived 30 days in survival: classic. fifteen
Alone, in the end. You have completed the story mode in a player. 10
Hard work You have completed all the objectives set for a chapter. 10
Do you have Pwnage? You have used the pwnage skill of each character at least 10 times. 10
Arms expert All characters have collected all the combined weapons of the game. 10
Greed You have collected 20.000 dollars in a single chapter. What a paston! 10
Lighthouse Uff… You have survived 15 days in Blackout mode. Qué fear! 10
Let’s end this You have revealed that the end is actually the beginning when completing prequel: day 56. 10
Heating It is not bad â € ¦ you have survived for 10 minutes in pure pwnage. Cuénanta it to your friends. 10
The law is dead You have killed the sheriff, the first cursed zombie. 5

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WWE 2K16 TRICKS – Xbox One – Cheat codes, Guides

Fighting styles

The indicated fighting styles are based on the corresponding fighters.

Aerialist 1: Evan Bourne/Matt Sydalaerialist 2: Rob van Ladyaerialist 3: Jeff Hardyaerialist 4: Sonjay Duttbrawler 1: Johnny Gargarebrawler 2: Dana Brookebrawler 3: Terry Funkbrawler 4: J.T.G. (Cryme Tyme) Giant 1: The Great Khaligiant 2: King Kong Bundygiant 3: Andre The Giantgiant 4: TenseipowerHouse 1: Scott SteinerPowerHouse 2: GoldbergpowerHouse 3: and WilliamsShowbat 3: M.V.P. (MONTEL VOLTAVIOUS PORTER) SHOWBOAT 4: SCOTTY 2 HOTTYSTRIKER 1: YOSHI TATSU/NAOFUMI YAMAMAMOSTRIKER 2: Shinsuke Nakamurartiker 3: Kassius Ohno/Chris Herostiker 4: Mike Tysontechnician 1: Konnantechnician 2: Colt Cobana/Scotty Goldmanch Nician 3: AJ Stylestechnician 4: TrentBarretta

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X -File cheats: resist or serve – ps2 – cheat codes, guides


In the trick menu, within game options, introduce:

Unlimited ammunition: L1, L2, X, R2, R1.Granada bullets: x, circle, square, l2, r2.Invincible: up, square, circle, x, below.Single shot deaths: circle, L2, below, R1, x.All unlocked acts: R2, right, L2, above, square.All extras: left, R1, L1, below, circle. Continue reading “X -File cheats: resist or serve – ps2 – cheat codes, guides”