Cheats l.TO. Noire – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides


New costumes:

-Chicago’s ray: Improves Bar Amoin, Thompson and the shotgun. Link the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live account with that of the Rockstar Social Club.

-THE GOLDEN BOY: it reaches traffic

-The weight of justice: reaches range 3

-Sunset Strip: Reach range 8

-The Outnoter: Reach range 13

-Hawkshaw: Reach range 18. Allows you to absorb more damage.

30 buildings

These are the thirty buildings to enter to get the challenge:

1. National Biscuit Company2. 6th Street Viaduct3. 4th Street Viaduct4. L.TO. COLD STORAGE CO.5. UNION STATION6. The people of Los Angeles7. Chinatown8. Hall of Records9. The Bradbury Building 10. Angels Flight11. Pershing Square 12. L.TO. Public Library13. MAIN ST. Terminal14. RKO Theater15. Los Angeles Examiner16. Christ Crown of Thorns 17. Intolerance Set18. The Mayfair Hotel19. The Good Samaritan Hospital20. MacArthur Park21. Park Plaza22. L.TO. County Art Museum23. Westlake Tar Pits24. Bullocks Wilshire 25. Brown Derby26. Crossroads of the World27. Musso & Franks28. Max Building Factor29. Hotel Roosevelt30. Grauman’s Theater


A policeman in each corner a case of street crime.

Not so fast to a fugitive suspect with a warning shot as a LAPD detective.

Asphalt -pee.

Stop trafficMobilizes a suspicious vehicle with the help of your company.

The Straight Dope uses a test to demonstrate a lie as a detective or LAPD researcher.

One for the file search and find a track as a detective or LAPD researcher.

The gold boy solves a case by finding all the tracks as a detective or LAPD researcher.

The plot is complicated and solves a puzzle during the inspection.

Needle feet the needle above 80 miles per hour for more than ten seconds while driving.

Miles in the accounts to have more than 194.7 miles.

The dead weigh more killing 100 criminals.

Roscoe and his friends at least a criminal with each weapon.

The shadow to a suspect without seeing you in a case.

Tourist Route all important buildings in the city.

Believed Candy Edwards without incognito or coverage, except at the beginning or summarize the persecution.

The hat ends a fight without losing his hat as a police detective or investigator.

Car fan 5 different vehicles.



Always willing to 20 cases of street crimes.

The arm of the law complicates all cases of street crimes.

A case with a five -star score is better and better.

Headquarters reaches the maximum range.

Lose your head over the head of 30 criminals.

The third gradodesgraine correctly each question in all the interrogations of a case.

The heart and four points of intuition in a conversation with a suspect, brancing each question.

Public threat Cumula 47.000 $ in fines for a single case.

Car fan fan all vehicles in the city.

This is Hollywood finds and examines all golden cans of movies.

Collect all the plants of films distributed by the city


Like Los AngelesComplete the 100% game.

5 -star detective complete all cases with a five -star score.

Urraca finds and examines 95% of the tracks.

Platinum Get 100% of the trophies

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