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Easy diamonds

Open a chest at the beginning of a chapter. If you do not contain a diamond or other desired glass, do not press X because that will keep the game. Instead, keep the PS button and restart the game. You will return to the beginning of the chapter, and the chest will be closed again. Repeat until you receive the desired reward.

Bronze  Caudilloderrota badge to the final enemy of chapter 3-5 Blackfire’s Black-Hyrarder Chapter.Embedy passion for relics consists of more than 100.000 Reliquias alluviarrota at 8 or more enemies with a single supermovimientof chapter 4-2 without being detected by the safety robots rapidly study the 3 anti-aircraft sackFrom emerarota to the guyhar robot with the huge knack medal medal solearderrotro to the Katrina robot with the Knack of solar stoneFrom the Collector Treasury of Parts, a part of a Doctor Invent of Dr.Crea has a collector of Crystal Reliquias Crystation a new glass relic a powerful power of an improved Knack.of relics complesses a phase of the gladiator compartment a coliseum attack phase Silver  Professional of the combos-consciously 50 impacts followed with the combos meter equipped forcing the entrader to the 3 Guardians Goblins and exceeds chapter 3-2 without dying king of the adventure of the adventure of the Treasury all the chests of the Treasury Doctor Dr.Knack’s versions Dynamic as a chapter a chapter using only supermoviments against enemies without dying total -term victory to a final enemy without receiving damage stealth fighter to 20 enemies with stealthy knack and complete Knack chapter aspiring all the chapters in difficult or superior difficulty or superior difficulty or superior difficulty or superior difficulty Gold  KNACK MASTEROOMPLETE All chapters in very difficult difficulty King of the Folder Speed all phases of counterreloj with 5 stars King of the fighting all the phases of coliseum attack with 5 stars Perfectly performance a phase without receiving damage and in difficult or superior difficulty or superior Platinum  Knack definitive creation gets the rest of the game trophies

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