WWE 2K16 TRICKS – Xbox One – Cheat codes, Guides

Fighting styles

The indicated fighting styles are based on the corresponding fighters.

Aerialist 1: Evan Bourne/Matt Sydalaerialist 2: Rob van Ladyaerialist 3: Jeff Hardyaerialist 4: Sonjay Duttbrawler 1: Johnny Gargarebrawler 2: Dana Brookebrawler 3: Terry Funkbrawler 4: J.T.G. (Cryme Tyme) Giant 1: The Great Khaligiant 2: King Kong Bundygiant 3: Andre The Giantgiant 4: TenseipowerHouse 1: Scott SteinerPowerHouse 2: GoldbergpowerHouse 3: and WilliamsShowbat 3: M.V.P. (MONTEL VOLTAVIOUS PORTER) SHOWBOAT 4: SCOTTY 2 HOTTYSTRIKER 1: YOSHI TATSU/NAOFUMI YAMAMAMOSTRIKER 2: Shinsuke Nakamurartiker 3: Kassius Ohno/Chris Herostiker 4: Mike Tysontechnician 1: Konnantechnician 2: Colt Cobana/Scotty Goldmanch Nician 3: AJ Stylestechnician 4: TrentBarretta

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Zombie Apocalypse cheats: Never Die Alone Xbla – Xbox 360 – Cheat codes, Guides

Xbox Live Lombie Apocalypse achievements: Never Die Alone Xbla

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
Exhausted Determination is your second name. 40
Playing with power You have improved your characters in History mode A player or multiplayer. 30
Career Épica Starting with a new game, you and three players have completed the story mode. 30
The Pwnage You are not no rookie, you can code with the boys of pure pwnage and destroy 10.000 Zombies! 30
Supersalvator You have saved all the survivors in the story mode, and you took them to the yacht without dying. twenty
Long survival plan You have survived 30 days in survival: classic. fifteen
Alone, in the end. You have completed the story mode in a player. 10
Hard work You have completed all the objectives set for a chapter. 10
Do you have Pwnage? You have used the pwnage skill of each character at least 10 times. 10
Arms expert All characters have collected all the combined weapons of the game. 10
Greed You have collected 20.000 dollars in a single chapter. What a paston! 10
Lighthouse Uff… You have survived 15 days in Blackout mode. Qué fear! 10
Let’s end this You have revealed that the end is actually the beginning when completing prequel: day 56. 10
Heating It is not bad â € ¦ you have survived for 10 minutes in pure pwnage. Cuénanta it to your friends. 10
The law is dead You have killed the sheriff, the first cursed zombie. 5

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Warframe cheats – Xbox One – Cheat codes, Guides

Warframe Xbox Live Live Achievements

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
This is what you are Completely unlocks a skill tree 200
Easy peasy In a squad or alone, complete an IV tower extermination with just shots at the head 150
The vigil of Saya Complete the adventure of the vigil of Saya 100
Harrow’s chains Complete the adventure of Harrow’s chains 100
The Hymn of Octavia Complete the adventure of â “the anthem of Octaviaâ” 100
The sacrifice Complete the adventure â “the sacrifice” 100
Money does not buy happiness Reaches the maximum reputation with solaris unida 100
It gets better Play 10 hours. 100
The seven principles Complete the seven tests of the moon 100
The internal war Complete the adventure of “internal war” 100
Out of the sun Abate 100 enemies while you are in the Railjack fifty
Jugger-Nones Ends with 5 juggersouts in drift change fifty
Parasitic trip Assemble 20 velocipods fifty
Objectives of the squad Obtén command range 10 fifty
STRATEGY DEVELOPMENTéGico Complete all Railjack nodes of next corpus fifty
What does not kill us Eliminates a kuva lich from Range 5 fifty
Mounted or dies Reach the maximum reputation with the ventkids fifty
Merchant Sell an object value of 10000 CRéditos. fifty
Stealthy hacking Complete a espionage mission by extracting 3 data from the vaults, without alerting, in less than 5 min. fifty
Towards the vacuum Complete 10 emptiness missions fifty
Requires assembly Assemble a railjack fifty
Animal Lover Complete 10 perfect conservation catches in the valleys of the orb 30
Combat specialist Complete 3 incursions 30
Forbidden fruit Collect 50 haptic frond nodes 30
Keep it with fire Burns 100 infested pods 30
AS OF THE RACES Complete all K-Drive races in the valleys of the orb 30
MéField dico Relive 100 allies. 30
Scientist Build 20 objects in the foundry. 30
Master with sword Reaches range 30 with five dual swords or swords. 30
Fighter’s mastery Reaches range 30 with three gloves or hand-to-man guns. 30
Arc mastery Reaches range 30 with two arches. 30
Master with Dagas Reaches range 30 with three double daggers or daggers. 30
Master with Heavy Weapons Reaches range 30 with two heavy axes, hammers or heavy swords. 30
Master with guns Reaches range 30 with five dual guns or guns. 30
Master with long weapons Reach the 30 -scorching rangeñas, halted any. 30
Master with rifle Reaches the 30 range with five rifles or machine guns. 30
Master with sentries Reaches range 30 with any three centinelas. 30
Master with shotgun Reaches range 30 with any two shotguns. 30
Shuriken mastery Reaches range 30 with three boomerangs, throwing records or throwing daggers. 30
To sword alone Complete 10 missions without primary or secondary weapons equipped. 30
Control fan Complete an interception node and evacuates with the enemy capturing 40% or less of the territory. 30
Dark sectors Complete 5 missions for a clan that disputes a dark sector. 30
Mercenary Win 100,000 Créditos with battle payments. 30
Without witnesses Perform with éXito 100 Killer in Sigilo. 30
Dedication to the cause Reach the highest range of any union 30
What a nightmare Complete 10 Missions in nightmare mode. 30
Liberator Liberate 10 Rehénes without activating the execution alarm 30
Death from above Achieve 30 stealthy murders from a zip line 30
Bounty hunter Complete 6 contracts in 60 minutes while you are in the valleys of the orb 30
Polarize that Reach the range 30 with a weapon, Compañero or polarized warframe 30
Now I am the captain Pilot an enemy crew ship kidnapped during a Railjack mission 25
The abyss observes you CREATE A KUVA LICH 25
Kaboom! Kill 10 or more enemies with a single explosion (tonkor, etc) 25
The Áctuple path Survive 8 defense waves only using melee attacks! 25
We will need a bigger boat Dry 25
Solar landslides Travel 500 meters in a single slip in the Eidolon plains twenty
The great Eidolon hunt Defeat a terralist eidolon twenty
Stay fresh It falls in refrigerant of the valleys of the orb from 275 meters while you are in a K-Drive twenty
Tenno and puppy Complete 10 missions with your equipped kubrow. twenty
Fighting for an ascent Complete 10 union missions twenty
Walk Walk more than 10.000 meters in a stolen dargyn in the Eidolon plains twenty
Moa money, moa problems Configure a companyñEro moa twenty
Sword skill Reach the range 30 with any sword or dual swords. twenty
K-Driven Travel 1.000.000 meters in a K-Drive twenty
Arc skill Reach the range 30 with any arc. twenty
Hang Tenno You have a 50-meter jump in a K-Drive twenty
Fighter ability Reach the range 30 with gloves or hand-to-hand gun. twenty
Dags skill Reaches the range 30 with any double dagger or daggers. twenty
Valleys speleologist Explore all caverns in the valleys of the orb twenty
Heavy weapons skill Reaches range 30 with a heavy ax, hammer or heavy sword. twenty
Skill with guns Reaches range 30 with a pistol or double guns. twenty
Long weapons skill Reach the 30 range with a guideña, praise or cane. twenty
Rifle skill Reach the range 30 with any rifle or machine gun. twenty
Sentinel ability Reaches range 30 with any sentry. twenty
Skill with shotgun Reaches range 30 with any shotgun. twenty
Shuriken ability Reach range 30 with a boomerang, throwing disc or dazzled any dagger. twenty
You are no longer a rookie Reach range 2 with any warframe. twenty
Surf the waves Complete 20 defense waves and evacuates with éxito twenty
The tools form us Use 4 different mods in the same weapon or warframe. twenty
The camera fattens Destroy 150 security cameras twenty
Special agent Solve 10 encryption. twenty
CréSerious Dito ObtéN 100000 Créditos. twenty
Mercury hero Eliminate the head of the Mercury region and go to the extraction point. twenty
Venus hero Eliminate the head of the Venus region and go to the extraction point. twenty
Uranus hero Eliminate the head of the Uranus region and go to the extraction point. twenty
Sedna hero Eliminates the head of the SEDNA region and go to the extraction point. twenty
Parco in shields Deviate 1000 projectiles with your melee weapon. twenty
Alchemist Complete 10 Mods transmutations successfully. twenty
Without a single obstacle Complete a usurpation mission without allowing the backward to travel backwards. twenty
High five! Complete 5 Missions of infested hive sabotage. twenty
Exterminator aéconvict Destroy 10 raknoids in the valleys of the orb while you are in the air twenty
Tenno Manitas Achieve a death with your primary, secondary and Mel weaponsé equipped in 5 seconds or less twenty
Pest control Killer 100 beasts of the plains twenty
Fisherman teacher Capture 10 fish twenty
Plain explorer Disseminate 100 deposits of the Eidolon plains twenty
People champion Complete 10 contracts offered by Ostronite settlers twenty
From heights Kill 100 terrestrial enemies being in Archwing mode on Eidolon’s valleys twenty
Marathoner Tour 100.000 meters throughés of the plains of Eidolon twenty
Forged in fire Build your first zaw twenty
Sharpshooter Kill an enemy from more than 100 meters away throughés of the plains of Eidolon twenty
For the first light of dawn Survive one night in the valleys of Eidolon twenty
Tombs looter Explore all Eidolon caverns twenty
Egg timer Gen laboratory incubation beginséTico for a kubrow. 10
Angel of Death Get 100 deaths on a mission. 10
Healer Relive 10 allies. 10
Gunsmith Build an object in the foundry. 10
I take off my hat before you! Destroy 200 corpus crew helmets 10
Polarize this Polariza a weapon, CompañEro or Warframe 10

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