Grand Theft Auto iv: The Lost and the Damned – Xbox 360 – Cheat codes, Guides

Trick codes

Code Effect
362-555-0100 Get armor.
482-555-0100 Get health, armor and ammunition.
267-555-0100 Reduce search level.
267-555-0150 Increase search level.
486-555-0150 Armament package 1.
486-555-0100 Armament package 2.

Unlockable of band wars

Unlockable Requirements
Assault shotgun Complete 40 wars of bands.
Automatic gun in the den Complete 20 wars of bands.
Carbine in the den Complete 30 wars of bands.
Free weapons by Terry Complete all band wars.
Launched in the den Complete 50 wars of bands.
Shot cut in the den Complete 10 wars of bands.

Wayne and Garth Photography

Get a Rhapsody and look at the desktop with a sniper rifle to find a photograph of Wayne and Garth.


Squeeze twice up on the control crossing to get the phone and enter the following codes:

Code Effect
227-555-0100 Fib Buffalo
359-555-0100 Annihilator
826-555-0150 Burrito
245-555-0125 Double t
245-555-0199 Hakuchou
245-555-0150 Hexer
245-555-0100 Innovation
826-555-0100 Slamvan

Eliminates ammunition limiter

Eliminates ammunition limitation getting 100% of the game.

Unlockable vehicles

Unlockable Requirements
Bati 800 Complete all the missions of stealing motorcycles from Angus.
Hokachu Win twelve races in the mode for a single player.
Innovation Kill all the seagulls (50).

Unlockable weapons to be delivered by Jim

You can call Jim to deliver a gun at the club. There are some special weapons available after completing some specific missions.

Unlockable Requirements
Automatic gun Complete the mission “Bad Cop Drop”.
Micro Smg Complete the mission “Clean and Serene”.
Grenades Complete the mission “hit the pipe”.
Sawed-off shotgun Complete the mission “Clean and Serene”.


Achievements Requirements
Easy Rider (100) The story ends.
Full Chat (70) Terry and Clay’s hardness rises to 100%.
Get Good Wood (50) In motorcycle races, it hits the 69 drivers with the bat.
One noticer (5) Help Billy recover his motorcycle.
The Lost Boy (25) Get to be The Lost’s leader.

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