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Angel goat

Stay still for five minutes to unlock the Cabr Ángel. Pressing special action you can float in the air.

Rain of goats

Goat Simulator Steam Achievements

Achievement |Description
Exploabra Make 10 gas tiles explode at the same time.
Goat angel Don’t do evil.
AT LAST Become the Lord of the Cabra Torre.
Alexander Goatstafsson ˇGana the fight for the title!
What is your purpose? Goathenge destroys.
Prepare for Cabrafall Complete all the mission of running through the wall
Queen of Goats Become the queen of Goat Ville goats.
Goat of the devil We all have a devil inside and we make this world our hell.
Death Sweeps the party with the stone of death.
Master Loek Find the statue of the Sanctum 2 walker
Great Supreme MLG plays Hits a person with a cube.
Pedestrian Find the statue of the Sanctum 1 walker
Goats & Roll Give your own concert
The story of my goat Excuse my goat.
Steve’s mission Give the apples to Steve Works.
Hurtful innkeepers It causes a lot of pain. With your ass.
Cabra de fair Unlock the just mutator
Disgusting Why did you get there? ˇPuaj!
Involuntary quality control UPS, it seems that the game has been blocked.
Cardio ends the muscle Drag a person to the tape with your tongue.
Ling ling went to war Fight against turtles.
Malleus Maleficarum ˇ Take them!
RYMDSKEPP I RYMDEN travel to the space!
ˇAquí is Jack! Shy a ax with the tongue.
A Story About My Elevator Up to the top of the skyscraper without using the elevator.
Jörgen Jörgen.
Boat tour Enjoy the trip.
A man, two shots and a religion Inflate that type knee.
I can’t believe it has worked Take 10 turns forward in the same pirouette.
The heights club Lame the delta wing.
Old goat MY GOD! Is that what I think is?
Cabra de la Colina Everything that bathes light is your kingdom.
The magician’s favorite Burns people from afar.
Sirena goat Unlock the mutator siren.
Dodge this Make sure the paleto never drives.
Sällskapsresan Visit all areas at level MMO.
Not again… Stay carefully trapped again.
Beef Patea a person into a car
I am bree Are You Bire?
Cabruna wheel Unlock the Wheel Wheel of Time
Intentas bring the world to the Sanctum 3? Sacrifice the 3 sanctum objects.
Steal the show Make a card of cards in front of the magician.
Mattress Madness BOUNCE 100 Times On Mattresses Within 30 Seconds.
Circus goat Complete all skill missions
Valkiria Catapult with a rider to looms
NON-STOP MUSIC Jump on the launch platform
Do not panic oh really!
Colombian sugar cap Boat under the effect of a sugar climb.
Supercabra Go to the top on Parkour’s obstacle track
A ball Ride a bike for 60 seconds.
ˇLas Vegas, baby! Take the fat prize.
The Goa’th Amendment Craft All The Weapons in One Game
Exalicabra Unlock the Mutator Exalicabra
Gravity goat Unlock the seriously goat mutator
Voluntary quality control Destroza the server room.
Around the World on 5 Trampolines Visit 5 trampolines in One Jump, Buncing On Each Trampoline Once.
An unnecessary trip Throw Bilbo Dwarf.
The flapmaster Get 10 points in Flappy Cabra.
Strive hard ˇEncuentra all trophies in Goat Ville!
The wild Paint with all the colors of the wind
Construction goat Find all blocks
Is that a goat? Lame the Russian mountain with 6 connected batteries.
Icelandic experience I never erupts when you want.
Retirement Just Finish that One Last Job.
Voyage Dans La Lune. A TRIP TO THE MOON.
The Cow Whisperer Charm a cow using Valentino Salami.
The Puke Machine Complete Centrifuge Event.
It’s working… It’s working! Run Wild With The Puddle.
Elfstreet Boys Bala with the choir.
ˇAtraplas to all! How do you catch goats?
Hat Simulator Buy all hats
Beggar Get your same appearance and smell
Steamworld Goat Reaches a depth of 200 in Steamworld Goat.
Too a lot Kill 7 Zombies With One Minifun
The Big Score Find All The Trophies On The Payday Level.
que?is the count? Win 3 Hands at A Blackjack Table.
Rocket League Show off your vehicle air control skills in the desert.
ITSAMEE! Use Cannon to Travel to the Island in the Sky.
Suppress The Suppressor THRow 5 Police Offics into prison.
Plentify masquerade Wear 30 masks at eleven.
The Song of My People Listen to the whole bread flute song.
BOUNCE IT! Enable The Hydraulic Cars.
You Raise Me Up! Use Dolph Spaghetti To Lift A Crewmer on Top of the Talk Building.
Camel Cavalry Spray The Dancers Using Humphrey Ciabatta.
Goatipede Lick All Crew Members Together to Form to Goatipede.
Goatfellas Gather The Crew for Sub Drive-In Movies.
Dastardly Place Hogtied NPC on the Train Tracks.
Goat Theft Auto Headbutt sumone out of their car, The Run Them Over!
Gather $ 1000000 I Wanna Be a Baahlionaire.
Fund This! Headbutt Lawrence s.Windler in His Lair.
That’s fedorable Wear 30 Things As A Hat at The Same Time.
Better than Warlords of Dredmor Reach level 101.
Best friend Lame a friend
I love goats madly Find all level 2 collectibles
Survive for Your Life Survive 10 Days
Zombie Slayer Kill 20 Zombies in One Game
Look at it go! Hit 4 at eleven with a voodoo bomb
I am Goat Play GoatsimSim for 5 Minutes
Does or love? Find all trophies at the MMO level.
Use The Sword, Goat Pick -Sword As Father or Good Goat.
Be not Afreight Destroy All Freighters.
Rule of the Seven Skies BLOW UP ALL PIRATE SHIPS.
Bacon Marauder Shoot 30 Police Ships.
MINER DESCOVENIENCE Destroy 100 asteroids.
What Came First? The Alien or The Egg? Headbutt All Alien Edu.
Sweet Collection! Find 10 Trophies.
Wow is that a limited edition? Find 20 Trophies.
NERD! Find All Trophies in Space.
Captain Industry Mine 10 Pieces of Channitatium.
My Little Brony Find All The Pony Horses.
TESTAHOLIC Complete Test Chambers.
Splishy Splashy Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Visit The Badehaus.
Ready for the grill Wrap to Garl’eek in Tinfoil.
The World Is Your Canvas Tag 10 walls.
SPEND MONEY TO MAKE MONEY Put A Money Crate in The Mining Shredder.
Survivalist Craft all items in one game
SHATTered Dreams Crystallize and Break 30 Zombies in One Game
Don’s Starve EAT 50 Food items in one game
Hang Tight Paraglide in the air for 1 minute
Goat from Above Hit 5 Zombies in One Bullet Dive
Big in Japan Beat the Whiplash Course Without Getting Wet
Masterchef Make the Stew Taste As Good As Humanly Possible
To New Challenger you have appeared Clear 25 Survival Quests in One Game
Warm Bath Use The Slippery Slide To Land In The Kiddie Pool
Hoarder Find All The Trophies In Goatz


Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
Elfstreet Boys You have ballad with the choir. 100
RYMDSKEPP I RYMDEN Travel to the space! 100
Sister in law You have done a lot of dañOâ € ¦ with your butt. 90
Gravity could fit You have unlocked the mutator gravity could fit. 90
Bumper music You have jumped on the launch platform. 90
Cabrity Lame the delta wing. 90
Le Tour de la Chăvre Bike ride for 60 seconds. 90
Construction goat Find all blocks. 90
Don’t starve You have eaten 50 things in a game. 30
Goat You have given 5 zombies with a bullet. 30
Get out strong You have made paragliding for 1 minute followed. 30
I am a goat You have played GoatsimSim for 5 minutes. 30
Old goat OH MY GOD! That is what I think is? 30
SueñBroken You have crystallized and broken at 30 zombies in a game. 30
Steal the stage You have made a trick of the magician. 30
Survive as you can You have survived for 10 days. 30
First trip You have visited all areas of level MMO. 30
Cabrío protocol You have created all weapons in a game. 30
Islandic experience Does not erupt when you want. 30
Extreme fun You have killed 7 zombies with a mini fun. 30
QA You have shattered the server room. 30
Bañor warm You have used the slide to fall into the children’s pool. 30
Goat wheel You have unlocked the Muadora Rueda Tiempo. 30
The Queen of Goats ConviéRtete in the Queen of Goatville. 30
Colega, where is my stone? Cabrhege destroys. 30
The goat put his hand Get ten gas cans explode at the same time. 30
Demonic goat We are all our worst enemy and we make this world our hell. 30
Pilgrim Find the Sanctum 2 Walker Statue. 30
Cabraustrophobia Raise the raqueacies without using the elevator. 30
Colcholocura Bounces 100 times in mattresses in less than 30 seconds. 30
Do you try to invoke something? Sacrify the 3 sanctum objects. 30
The return to the world in 5 trampolines Pass for 5 springboard in one jump. Bounces in each springboard once. 30
The glass goat Get all Goatville trophies. 30
Tony Cabra Complete all manual missions. 30
The Cabramaster Add 10 points in Flappy Cabra. 30
Valkiria Go up to the catapult with a rider on the back. 30
Cabrastic electricity Lick the rideñRussian with 6 batteries glued. 30
Hat Simulator Buy all hats. 30
Cabrío love Find all collectible objects at level 2. 30
ÉXito in Japan You have completed the whiplash circuit without mojar you. 30
Exalicabra You have unlocked the Mutator Exalicabra. fifteen
Jă¶rgen Jă¶rgen fifteen
There it goes! You have given 4 at the same time with a voodoo bomb. fifteen
Love or hate? You have achieved all the trophies at the MMO level. fifteen
Masterchef You have made the stew knew as human as possible. fifteen
Mermaid goat You have unlocked the mutator siren. fifteen
Again! They have caught you again. fifteen
Survivor You have created all objects in a game. fifteen
Use the sword, goat Take a photon sword being a father or a good goat. fifteen
That does not panda el cúnico Destroy all charges fifteen
The Queen of the Seven Skies Stop all pirate ships fifteen
Litting it brown T demad down 30 police ships. fifteen
The egg or the alien? Allien eggs head fifteen
Geek! Find all collectibles. fifteen
I want to be Beeellionary Get 1000000 $. fifteen
My little boyñor Brony Find all ponies. fifteen
Test addict Complete all test chambers. fifteen
Works! Works!!! Run as crazy with the pod. fifteen
Bambolea, stumble Visit the folder. fifteen
The world is your canvas Brand 10 walls. fifteen
You make me go up! Use Dolph Spaghetti to take a team member to the top of the highest building. fifteen
CIENCABRés Lame all team members to form a scancabés. fifteen
To bounce! Activate hydraulic cars. fifteen
One of ours It brings together the team to go to the open air. fifteen
Retirement Complete that last job. fifteen
Voyage Dans La Lune A trip to a moon. fifteen
Cabrola Demonstrate your ability toéRea with vehicles in the desert. fifteen
How much do I have already? Win 3 hands at the Blackjack table. fifteen
It’s me Mario! Use a cañón to travel to the island of heaven. fifteen
Masks to bore Put 30 masks at the same time. fifteen
The song of my people Listen to the entire flute song. fifteen
The big blow Find all Payday level trophies. fifteen
Coward Place a PNJ tied on the train tracks and wait for the train to arrive. fifteen
Alexander Goatstafsson Win the title! fifteen
Angelic goat Do not do anything wrong. fifteen
The rock of death Spoils the party with the rock of death. fifteen
Passerby Find the Sanctum 1 walker statue. fifteen
The Scotland goats Mount your own concert. fifteen
All about my goat Achievement sorry for my goat. fifteen
The great disgust Whyé You have stepped on that? Qué disgust. fifteen
Kabra Kombat EnfréNtate to the turtles. fifteen
Now you put me â € ¦ Get the paleto never drive. fifteen
The goat of the hill Everything that isé Illuminated by the sun belongs to you. fifteen
A new opponent! You have completed 25 survival missions in a game. fifteen
Boat trip You have enjoyed the trip. fifteen

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