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Xbox Live Live Achieves Anniversary

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
(#Secret Information) You defeated the dragon and threw Jack’s mask into the lava (or you put it to be él!). 100
Someone appears unexpected You have reached Jack and have made the most difficult decision of all. fifty
You are a superjugator You have found all the silver cheat codes! If it is the second time since 2004, you are a superjugator! 30
Go outén… I show youñAsce someone what you feel for él… of a patch. 25
Qué Important is education The niñThey read you again and Albion is a smarter site. For the moment. 25
I am legendary You have gone from pursued to legendary hero. You are a monster! 25
Of the most humble acorn The NiñEz has been behind. Next stop: puberty. 5 years of uncontrolled hormones await you. 25
The graduation Your créDito Se. It will take years to buy a house, but huh! You have graduated! 25
Get a man You went to the garden farm, you made some decisions and now you must live with them. 25
The Blood Line 1 You found your sister, who knows little about how relevant it is for the future of Albion. 25
Under the full moon You have killed the white balverino known as Jimmy. Qué ironic that went toéRich to dogs. 25
Ready, gladiator! You have won the sand, and there is no greater prize for a hero! Now, to save the world! 25
Family’s friend Did you say any words to the stones? It doesn’t matter: the annoying archaeologist is safe! 25
Fishing in a field Quién fishing in a cemetery? Well you… Nostro is at peace, so go for more normal sites. 25
Blood line 2 You have located your mother, who knows little about how irrelevant it is for the future of Albion. 25
There is always a lighthouse With off -game maze, it’s time to save your older sister. You know, the powerful. 25
Winter is coming The trip to the lost bay gave you 500 miles for the boatmile card. One million and free trip! 25
Are you listening to me? Quién was going to say that the letters and m c would keep so much knowing? It will be clothes. 25
Complicated decisions Will you hear the words “hero, your health is low”? Did you choose correctly? 25
An achievement for each choice Horns or aura? Your touched choice will have important consequences. 25
Over a damn time Parlante stone doors with ridiculous riddles? We have already seen everything. twenty
The beautiful or the beast Mirror, mirror, quién is the most (choose option) of the kingdom? twenty
As a sylfide is not Or you have explored the world of Albion or now you have the Tamañor from the world of albion. twenty
Combat evolution Spend your new experience wisely. And yes, you can hurry to the bottom. twenty
Sword Thus a sword is handled! You are made an artist! twenty
That’s my man! You have completed a skill tree! Whyé You are not a real hero and you go for all three? twenty
Do you have fun or not?! You have completed the sand without resting. Was this not for what you were here? twenty
See the future Have you ever seen a smartest crystal than this? twenty
Choice of religion Making sacrifices is never easy. Decisions, price… The reconcomes. fifteen
EGO project The world has seen your ego in all its fullness. That does not rise to your head. fifteen
Be rich or die in the attempt Being homemade is a bit like being the grim. Whyé Do not combine both things? fifteen
Fable heroes Bowerstone master loves peante heroes. Or at least a part. fifteen
But you are a magician, hero Whaté You are a hero class, who knows a bit of everything or the specialist? fifteen
What a capture! You have taughtñado cañA, in one way or another. fifteen
Chickens struggle Hit people or kick chickens, no matter: everything is considered an achievement in albion. fifteen
Arthur or Robin? You already opt for biceps or eagle eye… You have chosen well. fifteen
And you whaté You sell? That’s all, extrañeither? Come back when you want. 10
The hero of time An autéin the hero is the one who can control the time. And with extra if you did it with green hat. 10
Conjugal relationships Marriage: two is compañía, three is a crowd! 10
Drinking game Remember to drink with responsibility and, do what you do, never use an oven being cooked. 10
There is no spoon Mental control is fine, but great power entails responsibility… and fun. 10
Like a whisper You have silenced whisper in combat. Quién said there are no gentlemen? 10
Feed the troll Apart from this exception, remember: Never do you eat the trolls. 10
The invoker’s tail Because creatures are not so bad when they fight for you! 10
Hoarder mode You have 10 legendary weapons! Some might think that you do it to compensate for some lack… 10
Hero, watch over your health Healing is not as satisfactory as pain! 5
Gaseous murderer Well, you’ve been deadly, look at the hole of your pants! Fast, look for a hay! 5
I did it for the knob Achievement unlocked. You are ridiculous. 5
I’m dying of curiosity A less silver key chest! Now you will have to open them all, right? 5
The final warrior Your hero is the CAñto! What if you share an image of yours in the Lionhead forums? [Guiñeither] 5


Standard achievements:

100g: Expires the super final secret boss.

30g: You are a Super Player: Find the 30 Silver Cheat codes.

25G: Out of the pan: Express your feelings using a pan.25G: Education sends in the nation: find books for Bowerstone girls.25G: I am legendary: he wins the renowing enough to know you as “legendary”.25G: From the smallest acorn: take acorns of all the oak.25G: Graduation: Graduate in the Heroes Guild.25G: Making a man: visit the Orchard farm to help.25G: The lineage Part 1: Find out where your sister is.25G: Under the full moon: Go to Knothole GLADE under the full moon.25G: ˇGladiator, ready!: Ends all gladiators in the tournament.25G: A family friend: rescues the archaeologist, and finds the entrance to the bargate prison.25G: Fishing in a grave: cava a grave and fishing in it.25G: The lineage Part 2: Find your mother.25G: There is always a lighthouse: Albion releases his greatest traitor.50G: A wild jack appeared: it ends with Jack.25G: Winter is approaching: travel to the north zone.25G: Are you listening to me?: Find the stone that speaks.25G: Difficult decisions: After the bronze door is your destination, you just need to die your nearby allies.

20G: Evolved combat: Use a “eras of…”With a combat multiplier of 20 or more.20G: Don’t you have fun?: Complete all 8 rounds of the sand without resting.20G: The sword beats: give three enemies at the same time with a single blow.20G: That is my man: to the fullest strength, ability or will.20G: See the future: connect Smartglass to Fable Anniversary.

15G: Fable Heroes: Help Bowerstone professor to find the hero’s women.

10G: Feed a troll: give the troll a sample of your own medicine.10G: The invoker’s tail: invokes a powerful creature to fight by your side.10G: Silent as a whisper: beat whisper in battle without losing life.10G: There is no spoon: using the power of the mind controls an enemy, make a ally kill.10G: Horde mode: Get 10 legendary weapons.

5G: Hero, his health is low: heals a follower in the adventure of escorting.5G: Ass Creed: dress as a murderer and kill an enemy.5G: I did it for a Cheevo: Shot at the head with a crossbow dressed as a woman with a beard and wig redhead.5G: Take it out of the chest: Open your first silver key chest.5G: Definitive Guerrero: Cut your hair with a toupee, leave a beard and make a tattoo for the society “Tupé and Tattoo”.

Achievements with two ways to get:

25G: For each choice, an achievement: it is better than avo, or more bad than skorm.20G: Open Sesamanga: Open all demonic doors, or make the sleeve cut to one that is closed.20G: Beauty or the beast: it reaches the maximum of ugliness or beauty20G: It is not about Raíles: visit all the regions (except demon doors) or fattening a lot.15G: PROJECT EGO: shows a trophy to all possible witnesses in the trophy minigame, or decorate your home with a trophy.15G: But you are a wizard, hero: learn a spell of each type, or get a weapon of caa type.15G: ˇVaya Gulfo!: He wins the first prize in the fishing competition, or completes a naked adventure.15G: Get rich or die trying: Win 10.000 gold coins based on rentals, or dies.15G: Fight rooster: Become the champion of the world of struggle, or win the chicken hat in the competition to kick chickens.15G: Arturo or Robin?: Take out the stone sword, or win the biggest prize in the archery competition.15G: Choosing my relief: donate a total of 100.000 gold to the Avo temple, or sacrifices 10 people to the Skorm chapel.10G: What are you selling?: Earn money selling to a merchant, or steals an item using the expression “steal” to a merchant.10G: The hero of time: eat a moon fish in Bowerstone during the day, or a gold carrot at night.10G: Marital Relations: Receive a gift from your wife, or flirt with an admirer in front of her.10G: The drinking game: drinks until vomiting, or helps a friendly villager to get drunk.

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