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Passion for formula one Conquest all F1® Trophies 2013.


Pure gold Win the gold medal in all situations of recreation mode.

Golden fever Win the gold medal in all challenges of the Cronos de Medal mode.


Innate talent Win the gold medal in all test sessions for new pilots.

Web obsession Finish 50 network races.

All in one Conquest the World Cup in cooperative mode.

Professional one formula A 100% race ends in the route in the trajectory modes or large awards.

Fireproof Win a network game with any cargo of the 80s in the Jerez circuit.

World Constructor Title Conquest the World Cup in Trajectory mode.

World Pilot Title Conquer the World Cup in Trajectory mode with any level of difficulty.

Hard to peel Win the World Pilot World Cup at the difficult difficulty level.

Cooperative title Conquest the World Cup in cooperative mode.

The eighties Wins the gold medal in the classic counterreloj challenge of the 80s.


Perfectionist Exceeds all weekend objectives in express world mode.

Pilot eyes Finish ten races using only the Cockpit camera.

Five stars Make a clean turn in five different circuits of the counterreloj mode.

Good times Record a time in all challenges in the chronos of medal.

Pole Get a pole in trajectory mode.

Medal of Honor Get a medal in recreation mode.

On the drawer A career ends in the top three in the trajectory or world -world mode.

Not a scratch Finish a career of your trajectory without colliding with anything.

At first Get the pole in a return classification.

Cyberadicction Finish 25 network races.

Third Change Go to another team mid -season in trajectory mode.

Making sparks Mark a valid time in a return classification.

Graduation Exceeds the test for new pilots.

Proven efficacy Make a clean turn in each of the circuits of the counterreloj mode.

Monopoly Mark the quick lap in all sessions of a long weekend in trajectory mode.Guardian angel Keep a half session.

Another year will be It prematurely suspends R&D cycles for the current car in trajectory mode.

Debutant of success Win medals in all rookie pilot situations in recreation mode.

Divide and win Finish three races on divided screen.

Hand to hand Win medals in all situations that face your company in recreation mode.

Triumphal march Win the title of pilots in the Express World Cup.

To fixed picheon Wins medals in all situations of the World Cup in Recreation Mode.

Flower Compete in five different teams along the same World World Cup.

Who had retained Win medals in all the last season situations of recreation mode.

Back to the origins Return to the team with which you started the world mode.

Practical day Exceeds the first day of the test for new pilots.

Attachment to the team Stay in the same team throughout an exprés World Cup.

Golden touch Win the gold medal at any test session for new pilots.

There is no bad room Defeat four rivals in a season in the world mode.

Wild Horse Make a clean turn in Brands Hatch and Jerez with the Ferrari 312 T2 in the counterreloj mode.

Antagonist Defeat your first rival in the world mode.

Phoenix Win a career of your career after qualifying in last.

Who needs help? Win a career without any activated help.

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