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Until the end you have finished for the first time in a career in your professional career

As a rayahas marked the quick return of the race without sanctions in one of the game modes

Innate talent you have marked fast turn in all long -wing sessions in one of the ways

Give the button ahead cleanly with the kers activated

By the Alahas advanced limipously with the DRS activated

Fincely at least 805 km (500 miles) during the free of your professional career

What buttons?You have won a race without activating the kers or the DRS

Manual works you have won a career in one of the game modes with manual marches

Blueha flag folded at least 6 pilots in one of the game modes

Yours is Dirt 3has Detachment at least 10 meters with your car

What control you have won a race in one of the game modes without activating pilot aid

Friends Forever have played a cooperative World Cup from beginning to end

With a lot

The Pintan Calva you have made a boxes with the track safety car

Clean play you have finished an online race without touching you with any car

Treading your heels you have spent a total of 10 minutes to rebuild your rivals in one of the game modes

Something happens with Jensonhas won the Turkey Grand

Always touch the set of complete damage, you have touched the Monaco wall and you have won the race

To the Sennate you have made a leader in Tour 1 with intense rain and leaving in 5ş position or posterior

They are the hands, not the mechanics have won the World Cup with 2 different teams in your trajectory or in cooperative

10 Online you have won 10 online races

35 Online won 35 races online

Ear pull you have won a race after they sanction you with a drive-through


Polehas achieved the first pole of your professional career

Everything is starting you have achieved the first victory of your professional career

Cooperative title you have won the World Cup in Cooperative Mode

Without collisions you have completed a career without colliding with anything

Fulls cattle cattle in the 19 circuits in one of the game modes

Overwhelming domain you have won a race starting from pole in one of the game modes

Swiss precision given 5 laps followed with a difference of less than 2.5 tenths among them

At the last minute you have put yourself in the head in the last round of a race of more than 20% and you have won it

On the podium ended on the podium in a career of the trajectory mode

In teams won the World Cup World Cooperative mode

Question of regularities scored in all a season races in trajectory or cooperative mode


In racing shake the record of 9 wins in a row of Alberto Ascari

World pilot title have won the World Cup in your professional career

World Title of Constructors Hon the World Cup in your professional career

Pilot Title (Professional) You have won the World Cup in Trajectory mode with professional or expert difficulty


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