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Sonic the original hedgehog

Unlock the game To unlock the game you have to buy SEGA’s command from Green Home Home store, and take it to the Sega in the area above to the left of Green Hill Zone.

Select level After activating the classic Sonic The Hedgehog, access, and after Sonic appears on the screen, enter the following buttons: up, down, left, right, x x. If you do well, a menu will leave to select level.

Secret room of the statues

Activate the room:

In the Pon Sonic collection room to the right of the director’s chair, to the left of the paint, keep select and you will enter the room of the statues.

Statues passwords

In the secret room, click on and introduce:

008 140 CHAOS Emerald070 178 Spring (Yellow) 103 729 Classic Eggman125 817 Egg Pawn171 045 Classic Sonic200 078 Egg Chaser204 390 Sonic The Hedgehog209 005 Item Box226 454 Charmy Bee249 651 Cucky/Picky adow the hedgehog275 843 grabber277 087 metal sonic283 015GOAL RING309 511 CHIP329 494 Aero-Cannon332 955 Cream The Rabbit353 012 Big The Cat359 236 Classic Tails360 031 Eggrobo363 911 Crabmeat383 870 Jet the Hawk390 884 Ring466 913 Spiny483 990 Moto Bug495 497 Booster50 CHAO513 929 IBLIS TAKER530 741 SPINNER537 070 SPRING (RED) 544873 Blaze The Cat548 986 Sandworm601 409 E-123 Omega613 482 Dr. Eggman629 893 CHAO632 951 thousand “TAILS” PROWER639 402 CHOPPER640 456 COP Speeder668 250 GUN HUNTER679 417 KNUCKLES THE ECHIDNA688 187 SILVER THE HEDGOG711 268 IBLIS WORM777 921 CAPSULE851 426 EGG 358 Amy Rose868 377 VECTOR THE CROCODILE869 292 DARK CHAO870 580 OMOCHAO872 910 IBLISBITER888 200 ROUGE THE BAT894 526 SP. CHAMELEON933 391 GOAL Plate973 433 Egg Launcher975 073 Gun Beetle


That the adventure complete the first phase begins

Speed Puntasuper Green Hill Act 1 in less than a minute

Fleeting star achieves the note in an act

Sudden lightning the note S in 3 acts

Absolute precision make a combo of at least 7 cheats

Black belt to 100 enemies

The king of the ring to the goal without releasing any of the rings achieved in act 1 of Green Hill

Contortionist executes all Sonic movements in act 2

Socia-erizand as all the challenges where Sonic’s friends appear

Parlanchín talks with all the friends of Sonic to whom you have saved

Classified in the markers

A 30 -second test participates in a 30 -second test

ˇGreen Hill reactivated!(Hidden) reactive Green Hill’s door

ˇChemical plant reactivated!(Hidden) reactive the door of Chemical Plant

ˇSky Sanctuary reactivated!(Hidden) Reactive the door of Sky Sanctuary

ˇSpeed Highway reactivated!(Hidden) Speed Highway door reactive

ˇCity Reactivated Escape!(Hidden) Reactive The City of City Escape

ˇSeaside Hill reactivated!(Hidden) Reactive the door of Seaside Hill

ˇCrisis City reactivated!(Hidden) reactive the city crisis door

ˇRooftop run reactivated!(Hidden) Reactive the Rooftop Run door

ˇPlanet Wisp reactivated!(Hidden) Reactive the door of Planet Wisp

HU-EGG-VO fried (hidden) defeat Death Egg Robot

Chaos-Tigador (hidden) defeat Perfect Chaos

Objective: Egg Dragoon (hidden) defeat Egg Dragoon

Objective: Metal Sonic (hidden) Sonic metal defeat

Objective: Shadow (hidden) defeat Shadow

Objective: Silver (hidden) Defeat to Silver

Hunting (hidden) gets all the chaos emeralds

ˇSalt of joy!(Hidden) Find the hidden dock in act 1 of Green Hill and reaches the goal with a red star ring

Water does not spoil the spikes (hidden) exceeds act 2 of Chemical Plant without entering the water

Great equilibriator (hidden) exceeds act 1 of Sky Sanctuary without falling and without losing any life

Routes and shortcuts (hidden) Get the Red Estrella Ring in the shortcut 2 of Speed Highway and reaches the finish line

Scrap (hidden) Detroza 30 cars or more in act 2 of City Escape

Secret Sleuth (Hidden) Get the Red Star Ring of the Secret Chamber of Act 1 of Seaside Hill and reaches the goal

How is the traffic (hidden) reaches the goal in act 2 of City crisis without being hit by cars or rocks

In the heights (hidden) he gets the red star ring at the highest point of act 2 of Rooftop Run and reaches the goal

The power of color (hidden) achieves the red star ring using the power of a wisp in act 2 of Planet Wisp


ˇ All the completed phases!Complete the game


Comet Blue gets the note S in 12 acts

Can’t Touch thisssupera the final boss without receiving damage

Skilled achieves all skills

Time is gold to a score challenge in all phases

Ring Red Estrella gets all red star rings

Middle Point half of the challenges

ˇMission fulfilled all the challenges

Supererizo (hidden) exceeds a normal phase like Super Sonic


Big Bangconsigue the note S in all acts

Great collection consigns all collectible objects


Platinoconscons trophy the rest of the game trophies

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