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Tips to play better and last more:

– Don’t look too much at your character. Look above all that comes in front, to plan your movements.

– Remember that it is more important to survive than to take all coins. There are many coins in the game, they do not stop appearing, so getting these two coins in a complicated position may not be worth the risks.

Jumps before reaching hazardous areas : When you go to a dangerous area, for example with one side of the fallen stage, it is intelligent to jump before, so that we have an extra time in the air to move to the safe area of the stage.

You can turn while jumping or sliding : While you are jumping or sliding you can also turn, you don’t have to wait to be in normal position. This is especially useful when just after an obstacle there is a turn.

Jump on two obstacles : Only for the most expert players. When we see two obstacles often, glued, we can jump both if we make the jump just before reaching the first obstacle. If you are not sure of your reflexes, we recommend that you try to combine two jumps in a row.

Check the objectives and clus them : The objectives of the game will not only make you up level, they will also give you coins and gems bonuses. Occasionally check your goals and invest some games to meet them in order to advance and beat your records faster.

Tips to get more coins and extras:

The best way to get more coins is to use Power Up. The most interesting of all is the “coin magnet”, the magnet of coins, which is unlocked from level 5. Invest in improving this ability, and also in making the value of the currencies increase. Power-ups that make you start with meters of advantage will not necessarily make you win more coins.


The game has four characters, we start by default with only one, “Guy Dangerous”. There are three others: Scarlett Fox (5.000 coins), Barry Bones (fifteen.000 coins) and Karma Lee (25.000 coins).

Gems and coins

Gems and coins act as a currency for the game to obtain improvements. Both can be achieved by playing, both currencies (appear everywhere) and gems (more hidden and especially as special rewards). In case of wanting to obtain them at all costs, we can pay for them real money.

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