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Unlock Meat Man

Complete all the challenges of Hall of Meat To unlock a Meat Man .


Achievements Requirements
100% Pure Adrenaline (10) Strain with Spread Eagle for 10 seconds.
To Dynsty Is Born (30) Complete your team.
All Your Base Are Belong To You (10) Unlock your team’s barracks.
Artsy Farktsy (20) Upload 5 photos, 5 films and 3 skate parking lots.
Beast Unleashed (10) Win the monster contest.
Big-Footy (10) Expires the one who ends the movie.
Blaow! (twenty) Make a 10 trick.000 points.
Co-Operator (10) Complete the online race challenge.
Constructive Criticism (20) Putua 5 skate parking lots, 5 movies and 5 photos.
Peddler Deck (75) Sell 1 million tables.
Dedicated (100) Complete everything, unlock everything, wins everything.
Did Hivebody Get A Boo Boo? (twenty) 75 guarantee.000 points.
Don’t Be So May (20) A Miracle Whip lands.
Employee #1 (10) Start your team.
Employee #2 (10) Win your first teammate in race.
Extreme Grindage (10) Make a skid of 100 meters or 300 feet.
Gone Viral (20) Take skate fever.
GVR Champ (10) Win the Goofy vs. contest. Regular.
High Five! (25) Win 5 challenges for any score.
In Stereo (20) Complete Coach Frank’s Skate School tutorials.
Is that all you got? (fifty) Get all the challenges.
It Takes A Really Big Village … (50) Reaches the sales target in the community table.
King of Kings (20) Win the street and transsexual contests finalist.
Lot Monopolist (30) Win all lots.
Lot Pwners (10) Win a team that has a lot in your possession.
MAKING TO BUDDY CALL (10) Tell a skater to come to do skate with you.
Mantic Voyage (10) 3 manuals in a single sequence.
Masochist (10) Complete Hall of Meat “Thorax Crunch”.
Mass Murderer (50) Kill 80 challenges.
Objectifier (10) Use 3 mobile objects in a single sequence.
Overexposed (20) Complete all promotional photos and movies.
Park APPRENCE (20) Complete skates parking tutorials.
Party at The Penthouse (10) Win the two Maloof Money Cup contests.
Selout! (twenty) Create a logo and put it on your skater.
Sexiest Skater Alive (20) Get the Skateboard Mag and Thrasher.
Speed Demon (10) Win the final death career.
Spot monopolist (30) Get all important points.
T-Mobilized (10) Win the sponsorized contest by T-Mobile.
TAKIN ‘EM TO THE LIMIT (20) Get the land meter for your own skate parking.
Talking Bout Team Practice (10) Play in a free session of 6 players.
Team Up (20) Be part of a team with two or more skaters.
The Consumer Pro (20) Complete all Pro Challenges.
Throw Down (10) Win an online team challenge.
Trick Spammer (20) Get a 30 line.000 points.
You’re Winner! (10) Win a challenge only online.

Achievements Maloof Money Cup DLC

Achievements Requirements
Maloof Street Slayer (20) Complete the Maloof NY Street Otl.
Maloof Tranny Monster (20) Complete the Maloof NY Tranny Otl.
Money Cup Master (40) Complete the Maloof NY contest.
Picture Worth A Thousand Curbs (10) Complete the two Maloof NY photography challenges.
WHERE’S MY MONEY? (10) Complete the two OTS Maloof NY challenges.

Trick codes

Cheat codes Effect
Minikaters Activate the mini-patinadores mode.
Zombie Activate Zombie mode. Pedestrians chase you, the screen becomes yellowish.
McFly Flying Table Mode.
Streetsweeper Returns all objects from an area to its original position.
deadspacetooo It unlocks Isaac, protagonist of Dead Space, as skater.

Unlocks democ

Complete all challenges Hall of Meat To unlock a Dem bones As a playable character.

Skate 3 Xbox Live Live Achievements

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
Dedicated All overcome, all unlocked, all achieved 100
Marraffanator Complete the challenge dominates everything “Skatepark from Marraffa”. 100
Table seller 1 million tables sold 75
You are not able to more? Master all challenges fifty
Serial killer Sweeps 80 challenges fifty
MEGABRUTALITY MASTER Defeat Danny Way in the final tournament fifty
Where one fits… Reaches the sales target of community tables fifty
Master of the Money Cup Win the Maloof NY tournament 40
Spots monopolist Master all spots 30
The beginning of a saga Complete team 30
Total monopolist Dominate everything in all places 30
High five! Wins any equal challenges 25
I dominate the classics Complete the challenge dominates the “double spiral” spot. 25
Salta and Grinda Complete the challenge dominates the “jump elevator” spot. 25
Infected Contract the flu of skate twenty
I go up to the car It is part of a team with two or more skaters twenty
In Stereo Complete the skate tutorials.Coach Frank School twenty
Consummated professional Complete all professional challenges twenty
King of Kings Win the final street sequence tournaments and final transition twenty
The sexiest skater in the world Get the covers of The Skateboard Mag and Thrasher twenty
Overexposed Complete all promotional videos and photos twenty
Employee n.Âş 4 Get your third companyñEro de Historia twenty
Maloof street exterminator Complete the dominate all streets of Maloof NY twenty
Maloof transition monster Complete the dominate all of Maloof NY transition twenty
Don’t get out of the line Complete the challenges “touches and continues” and “recording in the viewpoint”. twenty
Only street natives Complete the street route of Danny Way twenty
Ahh! Flying moncheat codes! Complete the challenges “The Step of the Jungle” and “Mega Gaps de Danny”. twenty
King of the jungle Complete Danny Way’s Transition Route twenty
Round and round Complete the photo challenge “The Sacacorchos”. twenty
Modern Specialty Manual Complete the photo challenge “Modern Manual”. twenty
Slow and firm Complete the recording challenge “The art of Rail”. twenty
Master of the staircase Complete the recording challenge “The Quintessence of the staircase”. twenty
Park apprentice Finish skate tutorials.Park twenty
LléI value the limit Put the red terrain indicator on your own skate.Park twenty
Constructive criticism Qualifies 5 skate.Parks, 5 videos and 5 photos twenty
Pseudoartista Upload 5 videos, 5 photos and 3 skate.Parks twenty
Settlement! Create a logo and place it on your skater twenty
Trick Pirate 30 line.000 points twenty
Guauuu! Trick of 10.000 points twenty
Has anyone put the leg? Fall of 75.000 points twenty
ÉChale a couple Iron a whip myracle (superdude body-flip) twenty
Employee n.Âş 3 Get your second companyñEro de Historia twenty
Apartment party Win the two Maloof Money Cup tournaments 10
T-Mobilized Win the T-Mobile sponsored tournament 10
Employee n.Âş 2 Get your first companyñEro de Historia 10
Loose beast Win the Monster Tournament 10
GCR champion Win the Goofy tournament against regular 10
Colega call Call a skater to do skate with you 10
And talking about training as a team Play in a team free skate session of 6 players 10
You are the winner! Win an equally online individual challenge 10
Cooperator Complete an online history challenge 10
Throw down down Wins an equalized online team challenge 10
Dominators at all Win a dominate everything in matched team 10
Speed devil Win the race to final death 10
Masochistic Exceeds the challenge “thorax fracture” of the pain room 10
Your base is yours and only yours Unlock the team headquarters 10
Employee n.Âş 1 Start your team 10
Feature film Exceeds the final sequence 10
A picture is worth a thousand curbs Complete the two photo challenges of Maloof NY 10
I want my money! Complete the two challenges dominates the Maloof NY spot 10
Danny exhibition machine Complete the two exhibitions 10
The domain path Complete the two challenges dominates Danny Way’s spot 10
Manual about the rainbow Complete the photo challenge “About the rainbow”. 10
Already done OG Complete the recording challenge “Gap gallery line”. 10
Objectifier 3 mobile objects used in a single sequence 10
Extreme Grind Make a 100 -meter or 300 feet grind 10
Manual trip 3 manuals in a single sequence 10
100% pure adrenaline Fly in Eagle Pose for 10 seconds 10

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