Sniper Elite V2 – PS3 Cheats – Cheat codes, Guides

Platinum trophy Get all trophies to get the title of the best sniper in the world.


Legendary sniper Avoid Wolff escape.

Jungle juice Find all the bottles hidden in the game and rompales with the sniper rifle.


That each bullet tells Complete a level with 100 % precision using only rifles.

Go there Mate enemies until an accumulated distance equivalent to a marathon.

Iron lungs Stand your breath for half an hour accumulated.

The Pasapurés End with 100 enemies with explosives.

World record Get 506 enemies in total.

Gung Ho It demolishes 100 objectives in motion with the sniper rifle.

The boss Get 100 shots at the head with the sniper rifle.

Side yourself and wait Complete a level without having shot even once.

Elite sniper Complete all missions at the highest difficulty level.

ˇ Identified objective! Mark 50 enemies in the role of sighting in a precautionary mission.

ˇ Objective eliminated! As a sniper in precaution mode, he abates with the sniper rifle to 50 marked enemies.

Detonator Get a total of 50 sniper shots to explosives.

ˇPa ’takes it out! Complete all cooperative missions caution

Gold Rush Find all gold bullion and recover them.

pass it on Get a rebound head with the sniper rifle.


The front and the center Get a shot at the head from more than 150 m.

Mousetrap Use a traction mine to kill the enemy who tries to assault his position.

Caps Matte to an enemy with the sniper rifle while the sound of the shot is disguised.

Fuel tank Try the fuel tank to destroy the tank.

Kill them shutting up Matte to 25 enemies without realizing while being undercover.

Good aim End with an enemy shooting him in the eye with the sniper rifle.

Double dose End with two enemies with a single shot of the sniper rifle.

Premature explosion Shoot a grenade from an enemy’s strap from a distance of 100 m.

Sniper in training German assault escape

Novato sniper Stop the convoy.

Apprentice sniper Destroy the V2 plant and leave alive.

Salary sniper Resist Russian advance.

Technical sniper Stop the execution, soldier.

Professional sniper Get intelligence of the Church and leave alive.

Expert sniper Eliminate Müller.

Master sniper Discover Wolff Plan.

Veteran sniper Discover the location of the V2 launch base.

Feared sniper Destroy the V2 rocket.

above! I end all those of the convoy without going to any watchtower, except Kreidl.

High and powerful Eliminate Russian elite snipers team that hide in the roofs.

Aquarium Make the bridge fly through the air so that the tank falls into the river.

Kilroy has been here Reach to the Hall of the Cabestrante in the tower without being discovered.

Nurse command It resurrects its company 10 times in cooperative mode.

Bomb -lover Survives 10 bombing games.

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