Lego Batman Cheats 3: Beyond Gotham – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Unlockable characters

Alfred : Complete the objective “activate the elevator” at the beginning of the visit to HUD 1.Batman (Joker’s suit) : Level 12 beginsBrainiac : Complete the story modeCheetah : Level 8 begins.Cyborg : Level 3 starts and have the rocket ready.Green Lantern : Get the objective “Restore the COM” link “in the visit to HUD 2.Indigo-1 : Progress in history.Killer Croc : Progress in history.Lex Luthor : Defeat Mr. Freeze at the beginning of the visit to HUD 5.Martian Manhunter : Get the objective “Restore the COM” link “in the visit to HUD 2.Plastic man : Defeat Mr. Freeze at the beginning of the visit to HUD 5.Robin (Lex Luthor suit) : Level 12 begins.Saint Walker : Progress in history.SOLOMON GRUNDY : Defeat Mr. Freeze at the beginning of the visit to HUD 5.Star Sapphire : Progress in history.Superman : Level 7 begins.The Flash : Level 3 starts and have the rocket ready.The Joker : Progress in history.Wonder Woman : Level 6 begins.Wonder Woman (Cheetah suit) : Level 12 begins.

Character codes

For the game, go to the extra option and select to enter code.

Aquaman V3GTHB

Atrocitus ZGCEAJ


Batgirl 4LS32K

Batman (Planet X, Zur-en-Arrh) ZWQPJD

Beast boy YC3KZZ

Blue Beetle AIRKBV

Deathstroke 5SW59X

Doctor Fate 4hrerd

Frankenstein FQ4E

Giganta 95u7bm

Kevin Smith J6Anct


Music Meister S7GSDE

Nightwing N9CZ7S

Plastic man H2VB8Z


Superboy QDQ3YL

The Fierce Flame NQ46RC

The Joker 9WyGLP

Extras by codes

Bureau during the struggles Ewtpka

Challenge detector KNJBD8

Minikits detector Jyjafx

Win double pieces 5MZ73E

Party hats Phhgph

Batman Secret Level 1966

The game ends to unlock the bonus level Bat-time, same Bat-Canal.

Go to the main room of the Batcueva and fly to the elevator with the Batman logo to the left of the computer. When you are in the trophies room, it flies away to reach the study set, which looks like the Wayne mansion study in the 1966 television series.

Change to Batman or any character with garfio gun. Points to the left of the library to discover a secret passage. Down by the pulley and you will enter a new level.

More codes

Pause the menu, enters introduces the following codes.

Party hat Phhgph

Music Meister S7GSDE

Superboy QDQ3YL

The best in the world Collect all trophies


The bright gentleman Play as Adam West

A great leap for humanity Visit all the centers of the planets lantern

this is all friends! View 100% Lego pieces source

Under the red brick Activate all red bricks at the same time


Waiting prelude Find the hidden celebrity party

ˇEh, tilín-tile! Find a group of cows that jump on the moon

Plan on time Continuously plans for 10 seconds

mirror Mirror! Create a personalized character


Persecution in the sewers Complete level 1: Persecution in the sewers

Fifth dimension beings Take team with Batmito and Mr. Mxyzptlk at free game

Rosquillas discoverer Find and destroy the donut in a planetary center

Plague in the space station Complete level 4: plague in the space station

A similarity from another world Play as Batman (Zur-en-Arrh)

The nomadic heroes Make a green arrow and green flashlight at free play

Authentic hero Get authentic hero at any level

ˇAlerta, intruder! Play as the enigma in the Batcueva trophy room

LoONntern’s space race Complete any career in the center with Green Loonntern

ˇMism Bathora, same batcanal! Complete the bonus level: ˇMisma Bathora, same batcanal!

ˇNok Nok! Knock out your company on the planet nok

Breaking the ice Complete level 15: Breaking the ice

New Queens of Crime Take a poison ivy and Harley Quinn at free play

Situation in Qward Complete level 14: situation in Qward that is impressive finds and destroys a hidden trophy of enigma

Need to greed Complete level 13: need for greed

The space feels good, Lord Complete level 3: space feels good, lord

Cause fury Complete Level 12: Cause Furor

A little step for a man Visit the lunar base in the center

The nok of the jail Complete level 11: the nok of jail

ˇShazam! Billy Batson transforms Shazam

A blue hope Complete level 10: A blue hope

Supercompase Team with Booster Gold and Blue Beetle in free play

The power of love Complete level 9: The power of love

Supermascotas Team with ACE THE BATI Sabor and Krypto at Free Game

Great problem in little Gotham Complete level 8: Great problem in little Gotham

ˇ Caída de Murciélago! Complete level 2: ˇ ˇCaída de Murcielago!

Europe is against Complete level 7: Europe is against

The great battle Complete Level 5: The Great Battle

The flashlight threat Complete level 6: the flashlight threat

Bane increase Bane transforms (poison force)

Everyone loves to bounce Jumps on elastic objects 50 times

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