SSX Tricky Cheats – Gamecube – Cheat codes, Guides

Unlock Mix Master Mike.

On the title screen while you press l and r you must press: a, a, z, a, a, z, a, a, z, a, a, z. If you have done well, you will hear a sound confirming the trick. After doing this, select Mac.

Unlock Elise alternative dress (Mallorca).

As before: press l and r at the same time as you click: a, a, z, x, x, z, b, b, z, y, y, z. Then select Elise.

To get the maximum statistics with any person

Endures L y r and click B, B, Z, B, B, Z, A, A, Z, A, A, Z.

Unlock all tracks, runners and tables.

Endure l y r and press the buttons: a, b, z, x, y, z, b, y, z, x, a, z.

Pipedream Course

Win a medal in each showoff race.

Untracked Course

Win a gold medal in each Race race.

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