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Fast trips

This trick allows you to travel great distances in the saints taking advantage of an error of the game. Select on the map a race that is close to where you want to go. Then, leave the meeting point of the race returning to free mode. Your character will appear in that place on the map.

Unlockable by range or level

As we rise from rank (that is, level) in GTA online we will unlock the following extras:

Rank 1 : Combat shotgun, gun (in ammunation).

Rank 2 : More gun ammunition (in ammunation), acrobatic jumps.

Rank 3 : Modification of cars, robberies, multiplayer one against one, pegasus (car delivery), shooting field (in ammunation), shops.

RANGE 4 : Gun flashlight.

RANGE 5 : Garages, Micro Smg (in Ammunation), go to the cinema, personal delivery of vehicles, gun silencer (in AMMUNATION), Missions of Lamar and Simeon.

Rank 6 : Pulses, bumper in the Santos Customs, Dartos, Golf, Streeptease Club, Tennis, Gerald Missions.

RANGE 7 : Gerald missions.

RANGE 8 : More bumpers, import and export, window (light tinting) in the saints customs.

Rank 9 : Ammunation: Combat gun, more ammunition for combat gun.The Saints Customs: Chromed exhaust pipe.Misiones: Gerald.

Rank 10 : Saints Customs: 20% armor.Caza Recompensasmissions: Simeon.

RANGE 11 : Ammunation: Combat gun silencer, SMG, Parachute Bluctivity: Parachute jump

RANGE 12 Merryweather boxes shipping.Misiones: Gerald.

Rank 13 Ammunition sending.MISSIONS: RON.

RANGE 15 AMMUNATION: Granada, silencer for the SMG, parachute with black smoke trace, the Saints Customs: New rack.New game mode: Survival.Misiones: Gerald.

RANGE 16 AMMUNATION: Red parachute.Misiones: Simeon, Lamar.

RANGE 17 Testosterone.Ammunation: Cuta.The Saints Customs: Low suspension.

RANGE 18 Ammu-Nation: Parachute with yellow trace.Game mode: band attacks.Mission: Lamar.

Rank 19 Armed truck.AMMU-NATION: Sick Pump.Mission: Lester.

Rank 20 Coverage helicopter.Gasoline can.The Saints Customs: bulletproof wheels.Missions: Simeon, Lamar, Ron, Trevor.

RANGE 21 Take a search level.AMMU-NATION: Sniper rifle.The Saints Customs: New alerón, Xenon lights.

RANGE 22 Misiones: Lester, Martin.

RANGE 23 AMMU-NATION: Parachute with bars.The Saints Customs: Capó.

RANGE 24 Ammu-Nation: Assault rifle, parachute with orange trail.Misiones: Lester, Martin.

Rank 25 Boat collection.The Saints Customs: Explosives.Misiones: Simeon, Ron, Lester, Lamar.

Rank 26 The Saints Customs: Bars for acrobatics.

Rank 27 AMMU-NATION: Parachute (red trail).Mission: Ron.

Rank 28 AMMU-NATION: Parachute (Wasp Design).Misiones: Trevor.

Rank 29 Ammu-Nation: Assault SMG.

Rank 30 The Saints Customs: Armor 40%, Granderecogida in Helicopter.Misiones: Lester, Ron, Gerald.

Rank 31 The Saints Customs: Windows (Dark Tinta).Misiones: Simeon.

Rank 32 AMMU-NATION: Parachute (patriot).

Rank 33 The Saints Customs: Capó (Carbon).AMMU-NATION: ATUDIDORA GIVE.

RANGE 35 Send mercenarios in control helicopterosmissions: Martin, Gerald.

RANGE 36 Los Santos Customs: Street suspension.

Rank 37 Ammu-Nation: Assault shotgun.

Rank 38 AMMU-NATION: Parachute (Widowmaker).

Range 40 Lester: Relieve players, radarmissions: Ron, Martin, Lester.

RANGE 41 The Saints Customs: Capó (Triple input).

RANGE 42 Ammu-Nation: Carbine rifle.Tattoo: Virgin Mary (right arm).

RANGE 44 AMMU-NATION: Parachute (rainbow).

RANGE 45 The Saints Customs: New ailerons.Tattoo: Trinidad (torso).Misiones: Martin, Gerald, Lester.

RANGE 48 Tattoo: Lady M (left arm).

RANGE 49 The Saints Customs: Limuse windows.

Rank 50 Air attack.Ammunation assault: machine gun.The Saints Customs: Explosive (Remote Pump), 60% armor.Missions: Martin, Trevor.

RANGE 51 Tattoo: Tribal (right leg).

RANGE 52 The Saints Customs: Side exhaust pipe.

RANGE 53 The Saints Customs: Capó.

Range 55 Misiones: Lester, Ron, Martin.

RANGE 56 AMMU-NATION: Black parachute.The Saints Customs: Sports suspension.

RANGE 57 Tattoo: Chinese dragon (left leg).

RANGE 60 Ammu-Nation: Lanzarzanadas.Tattoo: Sirena (right arm).Missions: Lester and Trevor.

RANGE 63 Tattoo: evil clown (torso).

Rank 64 The Saints Customs: New alerón.

Rank 65 Misiones: Lester, Martin, Trevor.

RANGE 66 Tattoo: skull (left arm).

Rank 69 Tattoo: stone cross (torso).

Range 70 : Ammu-nation: advanced rifle.Misiones: Trevor, Martin and Lester.

Rank 71 The Saints Customs: Competition suspension.

Rank 72 Tattoo: the saints bills (torso).

Range 75 Tattoo: Indian (right leg).Misiones: Lester, Martin.

Rank 78 Tattoo: Dragon (left leg).

RANGE 80 AMMU-NATION: Combat machine gun.The Saints Customs: 80% car armor.

RANGE 81 Tattoo: Skull (right arm).Mission: Martin.

RANGE 84 Tattoo: skull and pink.

Range 90 Ammu-Nation: Heavy sniper rifle.

Rank 100 AMMU-Nation: Razacohetes.The Saints Customs: 100% armor.

Rank 120 Ammunation: Mini-Gun

Easy stealth skill

For every minute you pass by walking in stealth mode you want a point of stealth skill. The trap is that you can leave the pad so that I walk automatically – for example, with a rubber – for 100 minutes to obtain this ability to the maximum.

Money in the Actions Market

To get easy money in the actions, invest in a company and attacks its competition. When doing something in GTA V that affects a company, such as stealing a bank or destroying a plane, its shares price will fall depending on the damage caused. For example, buy actions in Airemu and shoot Flyus airplanes.

Another option is to buy when they are low. In that case, first shoot a company airplanes, the shares will go down, buy them at a good price and then destroy planes from their competition, causing your actions to rise. The same can be done with Ron Oil or Ltd Oil.

If you buy Auguryinsurance (AUG) shares and destroy cars, its price will rise.

When a mission includes destroying the business of a company or its reputation, be sure to buy shares in the competition.

Playing as Franklin, you can do murder missions to Lester. Before fulfilling one of these missions, it changes to other characters and invests all your money in the indicated company. Then wait three days with the actions and see them, you can get 75% benefits. The more you invest – later in the game – the more you will win.

Murder 1 (The hotel): Betapharmaceuticals (Bawsaq) Murder 2 (The Multi Target): Debonaire Cigarettes (LCN);Sell Debonaire after the mission, then buys Redwood (LCN) Murder 3 (The Vice): Fruit (Bawsaq) Murder 4 (The Bus): Vapid (Bawsaq) Murder 5 (The Construction): Goldcoast (LCN)

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