Cheats Megapolis HD – iPhone – Cheat codes, Guides


Megapolis is a cities management game, very much in the style of Sim City, but adapted to mobile times. We will have to build our city, provide houses and buildings, services such as roads and police, and gradually be filled with people, which will pay taxes that we will use to continue expanding the city.

The game has a tutorial, and with objectives that will meet that they will guide you on the right way to the beginning. These are some of the basic principles of the game.

Population: To house population in your city, it has to have houses, bungalows, buildings and other residential constructions. Unlike in other games to build cities, houses are not filled with people alone. Every so often new inhabitants will arrive, and we will have to play on them so that they move to the city.

The city has population maximums that we must expand by other infrastructure, such as parks. These increase the maximum population that can move to a city, so you have to accompany the buildings of these constructions.

We can also increase the maximum population of the city by building water towers and ending unfinished projects of it, such as bridges.

Water and electricity: The city needs electric and water supply to continue growing and working. We will have to build power plants and water towers, and the latter also increase the maximum population of the city.

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