Grand Theft Auto Cheats: Liberty City Stories – PS2 – Cheat codes, Guides


Weapons 1: Above, square (2), below, left, square (2).

Weapons 2: Up, circle (2), down, left, circle (2), right.

Weapons 3: Above, x (2), below, left, x (2), right.

$ 250,000: L1, R1, Triangle, L1, R1, Circle, L1, R1.

Armor: L1, R1, Circle, L1, R1, X, L1, R1.

Health to the maximum: L1, R1, X, L1, R1, Square, L1, R1.

More wanted: L1, R1, square, L1, R1, triangle, L1, R1.

Less sought: L1 (2), triangle, R1 (2), x, square, circle.

Better vehicle driving: L1, up, left, R1, triangle, circle, below, x x.

Change motorcycle wheels: circle, right, x, up, right, x, l1, square.

Destroy all cars: L1 (2), left, L1 (2), right, x, square.

Driving on water: circle, x, down, circle, x, up, l1 (2).

Black Traffic: Circle (2), R1, Triangle (2), L1, Square (2).

Chromed traffic: triangle, R1, L1, below (2), R1 (2), triangle.

White Traffic: X (2), R1, Circle (2), L1, Triangle (2).

Always green traffic lights: triangle (2), R1, square (2), l1, x (2).

Aggressive drivers: Square (2), R1, X (2), L1, Circle (2).

Armed pedestrians: R1 (2), L1, R1 (2), L1, right, circle.

Random dressed pedestrians: L1 (2), left, L1 (2), right, square, triangle.

Clear: Up, down, circle, up, down, square, L1, R1.

Soloado: L1 (2), Circle, R1 (2), square, triangle, x.

Nebulous: Up, down, triangle, up, down, x, l1, r1.

Cloudy: up, down, x, up, down, triangle, L1, R1.

Rain: Above, down, square, up, down, circle, l1, r1.

Faster game: L1 (2), left, L1 (2), right, circle, x.

Faster gameplay: R1 (2), L1, R1 (2), L1, below, x x.

Slow playability: R1, triangle, x, r1, square, circle, left, right.

Pedestrians attack you: L1 (2), R1, L1 (2), R1, up, triangle.

Pedestrians sow chaos: L1 (2), R1, L1 (2), R1, left, square.

Pedestrians follow you: Below (3), Triangle (2), Circle, L1, R1.

Cabezón mode: Below (3), Circle (2), X, L1, R1.

Generate tank: L1 (2), left, L1 (2), right, triangle, circle.

Generate Trashmaster: triangle, circle, down, triangle, circle, up, L1 (2).

Suicide: L1, below, left, r1, x, circle, up, triangle.

See media attention: L1, above, right, R1, triangle, square, below, x x.

The reverse: below (3), x (2), square, r1, l1..

The reverse (2): x (3), below (2), right, l1, r1..

Back to normal behind the background: triangle (3), above (2), right, l, r..

Back to normal behind the setback (2): above (3), triangle (2), square, r, l..

Credits: L1, R1, L1, R1, Up, below, L1, R1.

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