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After completing the story you can travel quickly among the main areas of the game. This is very useful to search collectible and complete all secondary missions.

The game does not tell you that you can use this function. To go to other maps between the neighborhoods and the city, go to your room in the tower. There is a poster on the wall that takes you to those areas. To go to the antenna, use the door in the north of the neighborhoods or the sewer in the north of the city (there are zombie flags and stain).

You can also go to the sewers if you wish, the access points are marked on the map and are the same you have used during the history missions.

Duplicate weapons and infinity money

Buy the ability to launch objects. Then you equip your most value (or buy one) and Lánzala. While the weapon is in the air, open your inventory and drop that same weapon to double it. Repeat as many times as you want to clone the object you can sell to get as much money and want.

There are several ways to better exploit this GLitch, such as making the trick with weapons that are about to break.

Note: Keep in mind that you could patch up with updates.

Expcalibur sword

Expcalibur sword appears randomly as a button, but you can always get one in the southeast of the map. Travel to the boat house in the great length of that area. The blocked bridge should be on your left. Advance the rocky shore to your right until you get to the edge. You will see in the middle of the lake a small island. Nothing to her to find a body with the sword. Search for 120 seconds and you will get it, then the body will burn and reveal the expar.

The sword cannot be repaired and will break with some blows, but it is very powerful and can kill most zombies with a blow. As it improves according to your level, it is advisable to get it near the end of the game.

9mm gun

There are two ways to get a 9mm gun. The easiest to pick it up is the house in the lower right corner of the neighborhoods. The gun is always generated in this place, and you can get it as soon as you start or at any time.

The second is to pick it up from police vans. Look for them on the roads and carry some ganzúas. You can’t get the human enemies gun, since they only have rifles and melee weapons. The gun is a crucial part to complete the secondary mission Gunslinger of the upper tower in the neighborhoods. The GunSlinger secondary mission gives access to a passionate house that contains two collectible reports.

Metal pieces

When you do not need a weapon, open your inventory and dismantle the object to get metal parts.

Those components can be used to repair other objects. Although it is not as good as selling a weapon, it can be used to get the pieces when you need them.

Location of newspapers

Look for the places indicated to find the 17 newspapers of Marvin Zucker.

Quarantine areas

Complete the eight quarantine areas to achieve the corresponding trophy.

All notes

Search for the following locations the 34 notes, one of the three collection of texts necessary to achieve the corresponding trophy.

All audio recordings

There are 16 voice messages. These are your locations.

Component location

Use night sense to detect construction ingredients in containers. Industrial areas can contain metal parts, leaves, while weapons are found in vehicles and buildings. Some ingredients will appear on the map.

Search in the following places or areas to find resources:

Alcohol: Neveras Baterías: Toolbox Boxes: Toolbox Bolter: Search in Chemical Bolterproducts: Cooking Areas Common Plant: Wild areas: Toolboxes, workshopslelectronics: Toolboxes, closed closets Fluorescent Steakers: Cuevasasa: Bootyscasa and Garden: Coats, Wardrobes.Hunter: Hunter bodies Metallic Pieces: Garbage boats, Disassembled Elements: Warehouses, Supply Rooms, Steeing Steems: Tools, Food containers: Industrial areas, Warehouses Code: Simple, simple containers: Tools, toxic plants: Subacuatic cliff areas:coastal areas (under water)


In the antenna area, the large antenna scale until you reach the string. Use the one that leads to the mountains (northeast) and looks for a togical plant in one of the rocks, in the south of the hole. Teletransporta to a Plants vs. Zombies where zombies are fighting against plants.

We will talk about it when we see ourselves again. Get all game trophies.


Bittersweet end Finish the game.

Full story Finish all secondary missions.


Graduation party Survives a level or higher night persecution.

Bowled over Kill a volatile.

Harran’s legend Reach level 18.

Filipides Run (move or sprint) at least 42 & hard_space & 195 m.

Liebres hunt Catch 5 Huidizos.

I am a runner and a fighter Complete 15 Corridor Challenges.

Safe Capture all safe areas.

Raid Complete all quarantine areas.

Mount Everest Scale, at least 8848 & hard_space & m on various objects.

All in writing Find all text collectibles.


Commercial society Sells objects worth 10 & hard_space & 000 dollars.

shut your mouth Keep a howler shut up.

Barbecue Desapa to the zombies into flames.

Prisoner Ball Kill 50 enemies with throwing weapons.

Harran shooting club Kill 50 enemies with firearms.

Catastrophes recovery Get 15 Pas.

Blinded by light Blind 25 choleric with flares or a flashlight.

High flights Kill 25 enemies with land blow or aerial death.

Judo teacher Throw 50 enemies with the hook.

Vertigo Activate the amplifier

lightning! Blind 25 enemies with a light trap.

ˇ This is Harraaaan! Kill 100 enemies throwing a kick from roofs or cliffs.

Little artisan Create your first object.

A Cabraloca tiedo Tahir Occupy.

Artesano Master Use Design at least 100 times.

Everybody dance! Electrocuta to 5 monsters at the same time.Open Sesame Open 10 locks.

Are you very necessary? Kill your first infected.

Everyone meets Kyle Reach level 12.

we are all in this together Saves 15 zombies survivors.

You can come in now Find Camden.

Homo homini lupus est Saves 15 survivors from Rais’s men.Agile Reaches the professional level 10 of agility.

THE 7 LUCK Win 7 cooperative competitions.

Strong Reaches the professional level 10 of power.

Harran Athletics World Athletics Is part of 10 cooperative competitions.

Silly faces Show the world you are still alive.

electrified! Capture 25 enemies in the trap in the form of electrified fence.

I’ll cover you 1 mission ends in a cooperative game.

Tourism Reaches the old city.

Polyamor 5 missions ends in a single cooperative game with the same 3 companies.

Traitor Escape from the sand.

Plumber Kill a zombie with an English key using fast jump, followed by aerial death.

My right or your right? Gather with Rais.


Mortal jump Jump from the crane.

Endless fall Jump to the water at night from the infamy bridge.

Untouchable Kill 20 enemies in a row without suffering damage.

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