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Infinite money

Mark a metal or skin as valuable item. Go to any store and press sell all, then sell (object) in a quick succession. Go to the sales screen and the item will be duplicated or the amount will be 100. Repeat as many times as you want to get the desired money.

This glitch is valid for the original version, without patching. Updates can solve this error, therefore you can do it without updating and accumulating an important amount before putting the patch.

Infinite botin

Find a chest or any object with an inventory of rewards, but do not collect everything it has, leave some. Then travel to another map area and return, you will see that the booty has changed.

Thanks to this you can get as many items as you want and sometimes rare objects.


Andrastian Chantry Complete the Mission of Cassandra Inner Circle on Skyhold.

Chasind Complete the tribesmen trial, which is captured in The Fallow Look after the Lost Souls mission.

Ferellden Complete the Greater Dedrick, which is captured after Still Waters in Crestwood.

Mage Complete the Missions of Vivienne Inner Circle.

Orlais The Mistress Poulin trial completes, which is captured in Emprise du lion for its businesses with the red temples.

Qunari Complete the Iron Bull Inner Missions.

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