Deus Ex Cheats: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Platinum You have unlocked all the game trophies.


The most cunning fox Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut without shooting any alarm.


Pacifist Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut without killing anyone (the final bosses do not count).

Deus Ex Machina Experience all different finals offered by Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut.

Legend Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut in the maximum difficulty without changing it at any time.

Zero Factory Survive Hei Zhen Zhu and Rifleman Bank station without praxis packages or other team.


ˇSube bet! Modify your first favorite weapon.

The end You have defeated Zhao Yun Ru and destroyed the Hyron project.

Opportunist Make 50 demolition in a single tour of the game (civilians do not count).

Unforeseen consequences You have convinced Zeke Sanders to release the hostage.

Office work You have convinced Wayne Haas to let you get into the deposit.

The snake You have defeated Jaron Namir, leader of the Belltower Special Forces Unit.

Turbious matters You have convinced a reluctant waiter to let you see Tong if Hung.

Blanket You have convinced the eloquent politician Bill Taggart that he admits the truth in public.

The drop that fills the glass You have convinced Dr. Isaías Sandoval not to commit suicidee.

The last countdown You have seen the millionaire Hugh Darrow the defects in his approaches.

The project d You have swallowed all the credits and you have seen the surprise of the end.

The Mantis You have defeated Yelena Fedorova, an elite member of a group of mercenary murderers.

Candida soul Against all forecast, you have saved Faridah Malik.

The bull You have defeated Lawrence Barrett, an elite member of a group of mercenary murderers.

Hangar 18 You have found and read the secret message. Now you know too much…

Ghost You have crossed a whole hostile zone without making the slightest noise.

Sentimental value You have stayed Megan’s bracelet. It seems that giving up to the past is the most difficult part.

Chifflado de las Armas Completely modify one of your weapons.

Smeared ˇ ˇ greedy! You have accepted the bribe of O’Malley and you have let it go.

The Talion of the Future Go down to the entrańas of an urban jungle and cool a warrior priest.Guardian angel You have paid poor Jaya’s debt. Very… human… On your part.

Corporate War Protects the interests of a customer making a little hostile absorption.

Stroke of luck Jacob should use a more complex code to assemble your bombs next time.

Justice in Shanghai Maybe we must investigate, but justice must be done.

Doctor Kevorkian You have fulfilled the last desire of a dying.

Cloudy business Help a Madame de Alcurnia to clean her house.

The fall You have given Diamond Chan the trip of his life.

The bar account Charges The Hive’s Mooring Client.

SupersBOBO You have embroidered the accusation against Lee Hong.

Forgotten acquaintances Follow the Pritchard track to know the truth.

Prince You have convinced Mengyao to talk to you about the mysterious Hyron project.

ˇAplasta the State! Help agent Nicholas to get the trash.

Balls You like to play with the balls, ¿eh?

Of cover Occupy of the hidden man in the shadow.

Good samaritan You have changed the battery of a suspension chamber and saved the life of your occupant.

Maternal ties End the doubts of a afflicted mother.

Never forget You have visited the site where Belltower’s site discovered and captured you.

Minor evil Occupy of Carella’s indiscretion.

Of the embers to the embers You have managed to get out of the ship… But what end?

Doctorate Read the 29 Exp books in a single game tour.

The instructed scholar When the tests and figures presented me in columns…

First pirateo Successfully perform your first pirate.

All the above You have managed to save Dra. Kavanagh and all prisoners too.

pirate! 50 devices successfully pirate in a single game tour.

Pass for the dressing rooms You have managed to access the hidden warehouse of Quinn.

Transhumanista Completely modify your first favorite increase.

Absolute predator You have knocked Burke without detecting you.

The vigil is overvalued Leave KO to 100 enemies in a single game tour.

That old adage From what is seen, your increase casie no longer works with anyone…

Soldier Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut.

First demolition Make your first demolition. Port yourself well: civilians do not count.

Yes Boss You have had a discussion with your boss, David Sarif, and you have won.

Never stop looking You have escaped from Rifleman Bank station. Now nothing will prevent you from finding Megan.

Pure strain jug You have found all the hidden history fragments in Megan’s office.

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