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With problems overcoming Dark Souls III? Here you will find a guide that will facilitate your homework.

Covetus and Armura Soloire Snake Ring

Location of the silver ring of snake covetus and the armor alone.


To link the first flame : Interact with the bonfire after defeating the final boss.

The End of Fire : You must find the hidden eyes in the Graves area to get this end. Use the FINDING UNTEDED SEGA. Go to the temple and reveal the eyes of the illusion wall. Recognize it and give the guardian of the fire. Kill the final boss. You can light the bonfire or invoke the guardian. To have this end, invoke the guardian (do not interact with the bonfire).

The Usurpation of Fire : Easy to lose and the most complicated. Never cure your hollow status. The hollow state is the zombie appearance. In addition, take the following steps as soon as possible, do not advance in history or you could lose it.

Location of the ArchDragon peak

How to access this secret area.

Infinite souls

This trick can be achieved with any boss soul. It can be difficult at first, but once the rhythm has learned it becomes easier.

Note: You could patch up with updates after 1.03. If you need to use it, uninstall updates.

Reset skills and change appearance

You can reset your points in the cathedral of the depths, where you struggle against Deacons. Follow the steps of the video to locate Rosaria and participate in his pact. You can alter the appearance of your character and his points, but only for five reset.

Ancient Wyvern (boss)

Fight against Wyvern Ancient.

Lord of Cinder: Lothric Younger Prince & Lorian Elder Prince

Strategy against Lord of Cinder: Lothric Younger Prince & Lorian Elder Prince.

Iudex Gundyr (boss)

Tactics to defeat Iudex Gundyr.

De Cons of the Deep (boss)

Strategy for Cons of the Deep.

Lords of Cinder: Abyss Watchers (boss)

Strategy for Lords of Cinder: Abyss Watchers.

Dancer of The Boreal Valley (boss)

Strategies for Dancer of The Boreal Valley.

Oceiros, The consumed King (boss)

Strategies for Oceiros, The Consumed King.

Dragonslayer Armor (boss)

Tactics for Dragonslayer Armor.

Gundyr Champion (Chief)

Gundyr Champion Strategy.

The Nameless King (boss)

Strategy against The Nameless King.

Vordt of the Boreal (boss)

Strategy to defeat Vordt of the Boreal.

Cure-Rotted Greatwood (boss)

Strategy to defeat Dark Souls III chief.

Crystal Sage (boss)

Tips to defeat Crystal Sage.

High Lord Wolnir (boss)

Strategies for High Lord Wolnir.

Pontiff Sulyvahn (boss)

Strategy to defeat Pontiff Sulyvahn.

Old Demon King (boss)

Strategy to defeat Old Demon King.

Lord of Cinder: Yhorm The Giant (boss)

Strategies for Lord of Cinder: Yhorm The Giant.

Lord of Cinder: Aldrich, Devourer of Gods (boss)

Guide for Lord of Cinder: Aldritch, Devourer of Gods.

Soul of Cinder (Final Chief)

Strategies against the final boss of Dark Souls III.

Xbox Live achievements of Dark Souls III

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
The dark soul Complete all achievements. 70
Link the first flame Reaches the end “link the first flame”. fifty
The end of the fire Reaches the end “the end of the fire”. fifty
Fire usurpation The usurpation of fire comes to the end “. fifty
HEñOres de la Angismo Vigilantes Defeat the vigilantes of the abyss,ñash ores. 30
HEñOr of ash: Yhorm, the giant Defeat Yhorm, the giant, andñOr of ash. 30
HEñOr of ash: Aldrich, the devouring Defeat Aldrich, devours andñOr of ash. 30
HEñOr of ash: Lothric, young prince Defeat Lothric, young prince andñOr of ash. 30
Supreme weapon reinforcement Reinforces a weapon to the highest level. 30
Master in the Domain of Imbuir Imbues in all possible ways. 30
Spell teacher Get all spells. 30
Piromancy Master Get all pyromancies. 30
Miracles teacher Get all miracles. 30
Rings Master Get all rings. 30
Expression teacher Learn all gestures. 30
Definitive bonfire Reinforces a bonfire to the highest level. 30
Estus definitive Reinforces Estus’s bottle at the highest level. 30
Oath: Guerrero de la Luz Discover the oath of the Warrior of Sunlight. fifteen
Oath: Blue Path Discover the oath of the blue path. fifteen
Oath: Blue Sentinels Discover the oath of the blue sentries. fifteen
Oath: Dark Moon Sword Discover the oath of the dark moon sword. fifteen
Oath: Rosaria fingers Discover the oath of Rosaria’s fingers. fifteen
Oath: stackers Discover the oath of the stackers. fifteen
Oath: Farron’s wishes Discover the oath of Farron’s wishes. fifteen
Oath: Fiel Aldrich Discover the oath of Fiel Aldrich. fifteen
Forgotten tombs Reaches forgotten tombs. fifteen
Pico del Archidragón It arrives at the Pico del Archidragón. fifteen
Iudex Gundyr Defeat Iudex Gundyr. fifteen
BOREAL VERD Defeat to Vordt del Valle Boreal. fifteen
Great corrupted tree Defeat the big corrupted tree. fifteen
Crystal wise Defeat the sage of glass. fifteen
Darkness deacons Defeat the deacons of darkness. fifteen
Great señOr Wolnir Defeat the greatñOr Wolnir. fifteen
Pontiff Sulyvahn Defeat Sulyvahn Pontiff. fifteen
Balel Valley Ballerina Defeat the Baleal Valley. fifteen
Dragons killer armor Defeat the armor of the dragons murderer. fifteen
Old demon king Defeat the old demon king. fifteen
Oceiros, the king consumed Defeat Oceiros, the king consumed. fifteen
Gundyr champion Defeat the champion Gundyr. fifteen
Ancient Wyvern Defeat the old Wyvern. fifteen
THE NAME KING Defeat the King without Name. fifteen
Light Light a bonfire for the first time. fifteen
Hug the flame Conviértete in host of the embers for the first time. fifteen

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