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Some good tips to have the best farm and take better advantage of time:

1. Wholesale purchase, sells retail

A good way to earn money is to buy large amounts of material, “wholesale”, for a large amount of money, but for a low cost per unit. When you make a large collection of materials, start selling them one by one. Use advertising in the newspaper so that people know what you sell.

2. Diamonds are the most valuable

Diamonds are the most valuable of the game of all the elements that we can get and that we must spend. Be sure to save them, and spend them only on those strictly necessary things, and Never use them to accelerate things . The diamonds are valuable and scarce, we will get them when climbing, when fulfilling certain achievements and when doing things like connecting the game with our Facebook account, or otherwise we will have to pay for them. From level 24 we can build our own diamond mine, but until we get there we will have to use them very carefully.

How to get diamonds: – Following there are Day on Facebook you receive a diamond.- Connecting there are Day with Facebook you receive five diamonds.- You get two diamonds when you see a trailer of another game.- When you level up you receive one or two diamonds.- You get diamonds, very occasionally, when examining mysterious boxes.- You get diamonds in the mine from level 24.- You get one or two diamonds when climbing.- You get a diamond every time you get an achievement.- You can get diamonds in organized competitions on the game’s Facebook page.

3. Balances between livestock and agriculture

Both animal farms and plantations depend on each other. Try to achieve a balance between both facilities, and make sure you don’t run out of food for animals.

4. Look for mysterious and open boxes

Exploring the stage sometimes mysterious boxes will emerge. Open them will always give you something, sometimes very valuable and sometimes less, but always beneficial.


Buy wheat to fill your warehouse. Plant half of that wheat and, when the time of harvest comes, put your phone parallel to the ground, looking up, and shake it. You will receive extra items.

6. Cut as soon as the mature crops

The sooner cuts the harvest when it has matured, before you can plant new and thus achieve more benefits. Once a harvest is 100%, it will not grow or improve more.

7. Think in the short and long term

When you are going to be aware of the mobile, crop plant that took little. When you go to look further to look at the mobile, for example when you go to sleep, others that last more. The plants that take longer to grow can be a bit desperate, but then they are the most benefits.

8. The tools are very valuable

The tools used to expand the barn and silo space are the most valuable in the game. Be sure to save them and not sell them because you are going to need them and are difficult to get.

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