Cheats F1 2014 – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

F1 fame hall Conquest all F1® 2014 trophies.


World Constructor Title Conquest the World Cup in Trajectory mode.

To go the whole hog Win the World Cup in the Long Trajectory.

Union make force Conquest the World Cup or Builders in Cooperative Mode.


Always connected Finish 50 network races.

Ghostbusters Win the gold medal in all challenges of the Cronos de Medal mode.

Twelve of the gallows Win the World Cup in the intermediate trajectory.

Asphalt legend A race ends in all circuits.

Even more difficult Win the expire of pilots at the difficult level.

It is still connected Finish 25 network races.


A step forward Win a career in exprés world mode.

From villain to hero Win a career of your career coming out from the last position.

In pure f1 style Win a career without any activated help.

Short term A season ends in the short trajectory.

7, the number of luck Win the World Cup in the Short Trajectory.

ˇ It is sucked! Complete the evaluation test.

More than a quarter A race of at least 25% of the total distance ends.

Long-term It ends a season in the long trajectory.

Caught in time Use the flashback function.

Pulling ex officio Get you recommend the maximum level of difficulty in the evaluation test.

Clean Make a clean turn in the time trial mode.

Thirst for victory Win a career in trajectory mode.

Like clockwork Make a clean turn in 10 circuits other than the time trial mode.

The first step A career in trajectory ends.

It was time Mark some time in any challenge of the Cronos de Medal mode.

I accept the challenge Finish a race in the world mode.

Lord of time Mark time in all challenges of the cronos of medal.

Bite the dust Mark the quick lap in all sessions of a long weekend in trajectory mode.

Fine tunning Finish a race with a manually configured car.

F1 sauce Win the title of pilots in the Express World Cup.

The first of many? Win a medal in recreation mode.

Challenge completed The World Cup ends.

What a tan Win all bronze medals at the “very easy” level of recreation mode.

From here to there Pilot in five different teams along the same express World Cup.

Bronze age Win all bronze medals at the “easy” level of recreation mode.

Go home, come back Return to the team with which you started the world mode.

Speaking in silver Win all silver medals in recreation mode.

Home Sweet Home Stay in the same team throughout an exprés World Cup.

The Golden Win all gold medals in recreation mode.

Overwhelming domain Defeat four rivals in a season of the world mode exprés.

Divide and win A divided screen ends ends.

One less Defeat a rival in the world mode.

connect A network race ends.

The duties done Exceeds all weekend objectives in express world mode.

Way to glory Achieve the pole in a classification on a return.

In the medium term A season ends in the intermediate trajectory.

I will be back Keep a half session.

Now or never Mark a valid time in a return classification.

Leader of the pack Achieve a pole in trajectory mode.

I leave the ship March to another team in full season of a long trajectory.

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