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Secret level Whimsyshire

The Whimshire secret level is a different, colorful -looking area, with beautiful roses health orbs and very powerful monsters.

To access the secret level, you must manufacture the Wand of grazing , And for this you need five ingredients and the recipe.

The five ingredients:

Black Champion: It can be found at level 1 of the cathedral in act 1, in an area called Black Mushrooms, although it does not always appear.

Leoric’s Shinbone: It can be found in the chimney of the Leoric mansion, from time to time, at level 1. If it has been generated, it is obtained by clicking on the burned trunks of the fireplace.

Wirt’s Cowbell: Wirt’s Cascabell can be bought from Squirt at the Bazar Caldeo at Act II percent.000 pieces of gold, under the “miscellaneous” tab.

Liquid rainbow: it is generated in the mysterious cave in the mysterious chest in the Oasis area of Actor II. Save the old man, and open the chest.

Gibbering Gemstone: It is generated from time to time when ending Chiltara at level 2 of freezing caverns, in act III. Is in the Ballesta game area.

Recipe: It is generated from time to time when ending Izual in act IV.

Once these six objects have been acquired, open the blacksmith window and manufacture it for 50.000 pieces of gold.

Then, go to the “King’s ghost cow”, a kind of ghostly cow on the old road in Tristram, in Act i. After a conversation with the ghost, the brightness will change to rainbow, and you can enter the dungeon.

Bronze  Initratatic ritealcanza The level 10 Matademonios Extremealcanza The level 30 in the mode of permanent death The fall of King Locomata to the skeleton king in normal mode the fall of the crazy king (Averno) kills the skeleton king in a reversal modePicada (Averno) kills the butcher in a reversal mode to the Aquelarremata to Maghda in normal modeA Azmodan in normal mode the Lord of sin (Averno) kills Azmodan in Diablomata Diablo mode in normal devil mode (nightmare) kills the devil in a diablo nightmare mode (hell) kills the devil in hell mode fresh meatCarnicero The masquerade as all the triumphs of Azmodan Diabólicocompleta All the triumphs of devil rarelyequipa a rare object (yellow) legends of aggression in a legendary object (orange) armed to the toothThe Battleequipa All the boxes of the inventory with objects that require level 60 or more three are a multitude recreational to the three followers more than a totally friendly to one of your followers I am all ears complicated all the conversations of main characters, followers and artisans as a newpidethat you repair an object costs what all types of objects to merchants jewel.000 Gold is larger for DentroCompra all the additional storage boxes of Monster of MonstersMata to 500 enemies of elite need and coveted 100 carriers of the singular treasure Silver  MATADEMONIES reaches level 30 the last Horadrim completes the act and a powerful stone as act II the price of the pestress the act III Victoria and sacrifice the act IV Gold  Sanctuary hero reaches level 60 devil (Averno) kills devil in a reed up -wealthy mode.000.000 gold

Platinum  Platinum trophy achieves the rest of the game trophies

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