Jet Set Radio Cheats – PC – Cheat codes, Guides

New characters

Cube/Combocomplete Chapter 1

Garamcomplete his challenges

Goji gets the jet range at all levels of Grind City

Gumcomplete your challenges at the beginning of the game

Love Shockers, Noise Tanks, Poison Jam and Gojicompleta The game with the jet range in all phases, normal and Golden Rhino.

Mewcomplete the levels of the city of the night with any range. Mew will challenge you, complete three of his challenges and join you.

Pots, the beroy.

Slateavence A Slate in his challenge after completing all the levels of the Kogane-Cho

Yo-Yavence your challenge once you have a story mode.

Poison Jamconsignigue in Jet Range at all Kogane-Cho levels

Tabdesbloquea to gum and complete the challenges that tab gives you.

Jet Set Radio Steam Achievements

Achievement |Description
Feel the rhythm Start playing for the first time
New colleagues Unlocks Gum and Tab
To have killed you… It falls more than 20 meters jumping from a building
Public danger Make 100 civilians depart from your way
Look back Make a trick turn while you play
ˇThe remix are disgusting! Complete a level without taking a recovery spray boat
Unlock Garam Unlock Garam and use it as your character
There goes the first layer Complete chapter 1
There goes the second layer Complete chapter 2
Let’s paint the city red Complete Chapter 3
Learning to skate Complete the tutorial
Very creative Create your graffiti of all sizes
Clear sky Make 5 graffiti about helicopters
ˇ So it is done! Make a combo of more than 100 cheats
Skating abuse Pushes the two civilians at level 540 before helicopters appear
Painting Pasma Painting Onishima’s back 5 times
ˇ You carry! Make a painted a member of a rival band before 30 seconds
The era of monsters Unlock Poison Jam and use it as your character
After the mask Unlock Poison Jam without a mask and use it as your character
Noise music Unlock noise tank and use it like your character
Skating for grandparents Unlock Goji and use it as your character
ˇA I call it a jet! Complete all levels with a jet assessment
A little soul Get all graffiti souls
The full band Unlock all the characters
No strings attached Complete the game without letting anyone grab you
THE KING OF THE STREETS Complete all missions with any qualification
Love about skates Unlock love shockers and use it like your character
Dog race Unlock Pots and use it as your character
Piece of artist Use all graffiti in missions
Return to the future Unlock all the songs in the Bonus menu

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