EMPERIVM II cheats: The conquest of Hispania – PC – Cheat codes, Guides


To introduce a secret code you will need to select a structure or unit (although there are some in which it is not necessary to select) and click “intro” to open the “conversation” window. Write the code in the “conversation” and press “intro” window again. If you do not type the code, it will appear as a message sent to the other players. On the contrary, when the program recognizes the code, it is not reflected in the “Conversation” window.

Once the “Conversation” window is opened, you can use the “above” and “down” cheat codes to locate the messages you have previously entered. In this way you avoid having to write the same code repeatedly.

1. Codes that work in the selected unit.


Selu.Addbonus (200, 200, 60, 60, 20000) makes the selected unit practically unbeatable.

Selu.SETLEVEL (200) The selected unit reaches level 200. This level is generally not even reached when you finish all the adventure.

2. Codes that work in the fortress or selected village.

Sels.Setfood (20000) elevates 20.000 units The los of the selected settlement.

Sels.SETGOLD (20000) elevates 20.000 The gold of the selected settlement.

Sels.Addtopopulation (100) Ańade 100 inhabitants to the population of the fortress.

3. Codes that work independently of the selected structure or unit.

Setspeed (1000) The game runs 10 times faster.

Setspeed (1000) The game runs at its normal speed.

Exploreall explores the complete map (the areas in black disappear).

Toggle FOG active / deactivates the fog;When deactivated you can see everything that happens on the map.

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