Lego Batman Cheats 2: DC Super Heroes – NDS – Cheat codes, Guides


Enter the following codes to get characters or extras.

-Extra lever: 7txh5k

-Rescue: TPGPG2

-Harley Quinn Moto: MBXW7V

-Lexbot: W49CSJ

-Enemy 2 Faces: 95kpyj

-Clown enemy: 9ZZZBP

-Enemy Mimo: Zqa8mk

-Riddler enemy: q285lk

-Police: V9Sagt

-Costumes: BWQ2MS

-Red block search engine: 5kkq6g

-Gold block search engine: MBXW7V

-Minikit parts search engine: LRJAG8

-Danger search engine: Ryd3SJ

-Super Construction: Jn2j6v

-Tachuelas X2: 74ezut

-Tachuelas Imam: Mnzer6

-Beep Beep: Zhaxfh

-Character Tachuelas: TPJ37T

-Extra hearts: 4lgj7t

-Regenerate Hearts: Zxex5D


Enigma slender: q285lk

Slee of two faces: 95kpyj

Harley Quinn Moto: C79LVH

Slee clown: 9ZZZBP

Lex Robot: W49CSJ

Mimo Mimo: Zqa8mk

Police: V9Sagt


10x Tachuelasa Multiplier92HDW

2x Tachuelas Multiplier74ezut

4x Tachuelasey2B5C multiplier

6x Tachuelasshyf2B7 multiplier

8x Tachuelas Multiplier4H9HQE

Cabezonesgtdhr3 characters


Regenerate Heartszxxex5d

TachuelasMnzer6 magnet

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