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Some general tips to get the most out of Real Racing 3 and spend the least possible money (or try).

Money: There are two “coins” of the game. The dollars, which we get when winning races and as bonus, and the gold coins, which are achieved as a bonus for moving forward in the game. Dollars serve to buy cars and improvements, while gold coins serve to accelerate maintenance processes, installation of parts and car delivery, in addition to buying some improvements (exclusive gold coins) and cars. Gold coins They are the most valuable and difficult to get, so you have to spend them carefully. They are also the ones that will be most purchased within the application.

Have several cars how many before: The game is limited by time, waiting time to maintain and receive improvements, so we do want to play without stop.

Try not to collide: Even if it’s an obvious advice, hitting not only spoils our car and makes you lose performance in race. It will also cost money to make repairs, and will have to go to maintenance more frequently.

Organize maintenance: The maintenance time of the car, oil changes, fix brakes, etc… This is what really matters in Real Racing 3. It is important to try to organize maintenance so that we do not have to be constantly going through boxes. Oil change is the most common, but other maintenance will arise. When we are going to stop playing, it is advisable to do complete maintenance , so that the next time we play we have the perfect car, like new, and do not have to stop.

Have a “star car” by category: If we want to complete the game we will have to win all the 100%competitions, for which we will have to have all the cars, since each series of events has at least one that requires a specific car. But we don’t have to have all those 100% improvement cars. It is recommended, to save money, invest everything in a car to win almost all races, and have the standard model of the other three to earn each of their exclusive races.

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