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Paladin shield

Use the cursed shield 255 fights and will become the Paladin shield.

Equipate with the Mońo relic because the cursed shield gives all altered states.

Guide for the final classic fantasy vi.


As soon as you control the flying nave, go to Narshe. Pursues the Lone Wolf thief entering the house of the treasure search engine in the east of the city. After following the thief, you can save Mog in the mines. If you do, it will join your team.


Get the invocation Crusader, defeating eight dragons scattered by the game.

– Dirt Dragon: In the opera.- Gold Dragon: In the Kefka Tower.- Skull Dragon: In the Kefka Tower.- Storm Dragon: In Mt. Zozo, inside a chest (Isa a switch to release it).- White Dragon: In Fanatics Tower.- ICE Dragon: In Narshe, where you fight against Kefka.- Blue Dragon: In the ancient Castle, it is flying around the statue of the queen.- Red Dragon: In the Phoenix Cave.

Odin (Ancient Castle)

The combination not to find any enemy is left, left, right, right, left, left, right, right, left, right, left, right, right, right, right, left, left, right, door.


The Economicer reduces the cost of all magic to 1. There are three ways to get it:

1. In the Fénix cave, go with Locke in the group. Slip it to a bird called Pedila.

2. East of Gau forest in his father’s house. A brachiosaurus usually appears, and although it is difficult to overcome, it sometimes gives the item.

3. In the Colosseum, bet a box of gems. If you will get an economizer.

Hidden characters


In World of Ruins go to Triangle Island, fight against a zone eater and let yourself swallow. You will find Gogo.


Go to Narshe at the World of Ruins and advance up to the waiting tripoch. Fight and give you its powers, a part of the mountain will fall. Enter the hole, the labyrinth takes you to Terrato, Magicite and Umaro. If you take MOG in your team, it will join you.

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