Cheats Valkyria Chronicles Remastered – PS4 – Cheat codes, Guides

Guide for the adaptation of Valkyria Chronicles in PS4.

Bonus to complete the game

The game ends and you will unlock the following extras:

– Difficult way for all the fighting and missions of history.- Game Musical Gallery.- Statistics option.- Be able to jump the kinematic sequences.- Be able to start the story mode with all the experience, levels and money that we have obtained in the previous game.

Extra recruits

Audrey: Get 10 medals.Emile: unlocks Oscar’s hidden potential, and then dies in battle.Knute: Enter the command room with 1.000.000 DCT.Lynn: Have Karl on your team and unlock its potential in a battle.MUSAAD: Complete the game.

Special weapons

Reach the elite range with the indicated class to unlock the corresponding accessory for the weapon.

Lanzaluela: Level 11 with Shocktroopers.LANZAGRANADAS: level 11 with shockroopers.Mortar spear: level 11 of lancers.

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