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Date in this lovely adventure? Here we show you how to overcome the game.

Secrets (Level 12)

Secrets (Level 1)

Secrets (Level 3)

Secrets (Level 4)

Secrets (Level 6)

Secrets (Level 10)

Secrets (Level 2)

Secrets (Level 5)

Secrets (Level 7)

Secrets (Level 8)

Secrets (Level 9)

Unravel Steam Achievements

Achievement |Description
The lost piece Find the first piece that is missing.
Wave care Find the second piece.
Bienped Find the third piece missing.
Walking Find the fourth piece that is missing.
THE PUP Get the hidden secret in the mountain of the mountain.
Renovated Repair a broken link.
Forever Find the fifth piece that is missing.
Earth scars Find the sixth piece that is missing.
Blackout Recover the sixth piece, which has been stolen.
He tends his hand Find the seventh piece that is missing.
Cold but warm Find the eighth piece that is missing.
Time will tell Find half a broken piece.
The end is not the end Find the other half broken piece.
Gardener Start all the thistles at once.
Hawk Eye Find the hidden secret in the treetops while you fly.
Pacifist Get through the mud once without crushing any mosquito.
Impertérrito Find the secret in the crushing death machine.
To full machine Find the Secret of the Machine Room.
Circulating Use the loop to jump between 25 different points without touching the ground.
The red strand Get all achievements.
Until under the stones Find all secrets.
Less fragile than it seems Finish all levels from beginning to end without dying.
Explorer Reach the hydraulic wheel without using a trunk raft.
Excavates right there Use the excavator to find a secret.
Obsession Break all the ice on the way to the mailbox once.
Snowfall Remove the snow from all branches at once.

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