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Statue of León

When you are interacting with a lion, move the left stick down to make the lion Ruja. Thanks to this you will unlock a new golden statue.

Xbox Live Achievements of Zoo Tycoon

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
One of everything Raised all animals with their color variants. 100
Conservationist An animal of each type released in nature. 75
Zoo tycoon You have received the 20 rewards of the same zoo. 60
World Heavyweight Champion 100 completed challenges. fifty
In the list of éxito You have increased your fame level 100 times. fifty
You do know how to do everything All completed scenarios. fifty
Excrement x 1000 cleaned droppings. 35
Ninja billionaire 10,000,000 dollars earned. 25
Red -red research All investigated. 25
Look whaté aspect! Animal with raised color variant. 25
One of each Raised all types of animals. 25
Filling is expensive Cleaning states filled 250 times. 25
Awarded 5 rewards received in the same zoo. 25
Aspiring number 1 25 completed challenges. 25
Photojournalist All full photo albums. 25
You know 5 completed scenarios. 25
Good legs You have run 10 km. 25
You have to change the tires You have driven 25 km. 25
Viral fever You have carried out a campaignña of viral advertising of éxito. twenty
Build together now in the Zoo You have built 15 attractions with a friend. twenty
The visitors Get an assessment of 10,000 in your zoo (only in challenge mode). fifteen
Carer Filled feeders 100 times. fifteen
Animal Friend You have completed the 3 interactions with animals. fifteen
Prize time 25 completed award interactions. fifteen
Shower time 25 completed hose interactions. fifteen
Time to play You have played with 25 animals. fifteen
The customizer You have customized 50 different attractions. 10
I’m a millionaire! 1 000 000 zoodólar won. 10
Research Festival 10 investigated objects. 10
Friends of happy animals Average happiness of animals maintained above 90 % for 20 minutes. 10
The gift of a friend You have raised an animal given by a friend. 10
Build and win You have built your first enclosure. 10
Improve is winning An improved attraction to level 3. 10
King of Posts All types of positions built in the same zoo. 10
Are? I’m coming You have joined a friend’s zoo. 10
Come to my house You have invited a friend to your zoo. 10
Photographer A full photo album. 10
You are going to eat lightning An employee formed to level 3. 10
For something one starts You’ve started your first zoo. 10
The bread is won 100,000 Zoodollars won. 5
Research grant An object investigated. 5
Animal lover You have made an animal completely happy. 5
Rewarded You have received a reward. 5
Challenging A completed challenge. 5
Cover An attraction or stimulus repaired. 5
We know how to do better An improved attraction. 5
Increase the equipment A hired employee. 5
Phase 1 completed A completed scenario. 5


100g: One of all: breed all animals and their color variants.

75g: Conservationist: releases an animal from each type.

50G: Zoo Tycoon: receives 20 awards in the same zoo (only challenge mode).50G: At the top of the lists: Increase your fame level 100 times in all your zoos.50G: Correction, skill: complete all scenarios (campaign mode).

40G: One of each: breed all types of animals.

35g: King of Peancase: Clean 1.000 pieces of excrement.35g: Extraordinary photographer: Fill all photo albums.35g: Do you get tired?: Run 10 kilometers.35g: Time to change wheels: drives 25 km.

30g: Heavyweight champion: complete 100 challenges (only challenge mode).30g: A multimillionaire ninja: wins 10.000.000 dollars (only campaign and challenge modes).30g: Red live development: develops all technologies (only campaign and challenge modes).

25G: No free filling: Fill in the animal cleaned station 250 times.25G: Aspiring number 1: Complete 25 challenges (only challenge mode).25G: You have the skills: Complete five scenarios (campaign mode).25G: Happy animal friends: keep the happiness average animal in green for 20 minutes.25G: Have you seen this uncle?: Breed a variant of another color of an animal.

20G: Winner of several awards: receives 5 awards in the same zoo in the challenge mode.20G: Virality: Make a successful viral advertising campaign.20G: Treatment time: perform 25 interactions to treat.20G: Fight time: water 25 times to animals.20G: Time to play: Play with 25 animals.

15G: Research Party: develops 10 items in the campaign or challenge modes.15G: Feder: Fill in the power station 100 times.15G: Near animals: complete the 3 interactions with animals.15G: Super host: that your guests score you 10.000 (only challenge mode).15G: I’m a millionaire!: Win 1.000.000 dollars (only campaign and challenge modes).

10G: Improve is winners: Improves an attraction to level 3.10G: Snap Happy: Fill a photo album.10G: You have to eat light: Train a staff member at level 3.10G: If you build them: build your first attraction.10G: You have to start somewhere: build your first zoo.

5G: Animal Lover: Make a completely happy animal.5G: Hiring: hires a staff member.5G: We can do better: improve an attraction.5G: Repairing: Repair an attraction.5G: Research guarantee: investigate an item in the campaign or challenge modes.5G: Challenger: Complete a challenge (only challenge mode).5G: Prize winner: Receive an award (only challenge mode).5G: The concessionaire: builds each type of concession in the same zoo.5G: Phase 1 Complete: Complete a stage (campaign mode).5G: Personalizer: customizes 50 different attractions.5G: GAVE LIFE: WIN 100.000 dollars (only campaign and challenge modes).

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