X -Men cheats: Destiny – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides


Put the following cheats on the “X Start” screen of the main menu to get new costumes

Emma Frost suit Hold L1 + R1 and without releasing them click below, right, up, left, triangle, circle

Juggernaut costumes Hold R1 + L1 and without releasing them clicks up, down, right, left, circle, triangle


Ace in the Hole: Defeat Gambit. Anstoppable Force: Defeat Magneto and Juggernaut. Another Shrimp On The Barbie: Stop Pyro to be mentally controlled. At least it’s aerodynamic …: Equip your first suit. Beginner’s Luck: Complete your first great combo. Better Than The Best: Defeat more enemies than Wolverine in the Prime Enforcer Factory. Broken Glass, Everywhere …: Break 30 pop ups of combat. Choose Wisely: Make your second choice of destination power. David Beats Goliath: Defeat to Sublime. Destiny Begins: Choose a power. Diamond in the Rough: Help Emma Frost defend mutant civilians from the Purifier attack. Fight Terror With Terror: Defeat 10 Enemies with an Ultra Power. Fist of the…: Northstar stops being mentally controlled. Flash Fire: Help Pyro, Juggernaut and Quicksilver to defeat the purification. Four of a Kind: Equipate a complete X-Gene set. Garbage Collection: Destroy the first propaganda piece. How Strong Coud It Be?: Activate X-Mode. I’ve Got The Power: Raises the level of a power to the maximum. It’s a secret to everybody: find the secret laboratory umen. Logan’s Run: Help Emma Frost to return Wolverine to normal. Mechageddon: Defeat 20 Purifier Stalker Mechs. Mutant Tracker: Rescue Caliban. Profiler: Get your first dossier. PURIFY THE PURIFIERS: DEFETA 2000 PURIFIERS. Reinforced: Defeat 20 Prime Enforcers. Satellite Interference: Interrupts transmission. Shock and awe: defeat Cameron Hodge. SIDE-TRACKED: Complete your first challenge mission. SPPPLER: Equipate your first X-Gene. Stay Frosty: Help Iceman, Cyclops and Emma Frost defeat the Purifiers. TAKING EVERY OPPORTITY: Complete 10 different challenge missions. Teleport This!: Help NightCrawler to rescue mutants. The Choice Is Made: Make your third choice of destination power. The Goon Squad: 500 MRD Troops defeat. The roof, The Roof …: Help Pyro to burn the roof. Things Look So Bad Everywhere …: survives Magneto’s attack on the purification. Think about it …: make your first choice of destination power. This can’t be happening!: Complete your first insane combo. U Mad, Bro?: Defeat 30 u-men in the Secret Lab. Why do they keep coming?: Help Purifier Stalker Mech hacked Forge to defeat MRD troops.


Archivist: Get 15 dossiers. Cleaned Up The City: Destroy 25 pieces of propaganda. Complementist: Complete the 15 Missions of Challenge. Fully Evolved: all powers rise to the maximum level. Got My Eye On You: Join Cyclops and the X-Men. Magneto Is Right: Join Magneto and the Brotherhood.


Alpha Level Mutant: The game ends in difficulty x-man. Beta Level Mutant: The game ends in difficulty new mutant. Omega Level Mutant: The game ends in difficulty X-Tirme.


Homo Superior: Get all trophies.

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