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Achievements of Xbox Live of Terraria Xbla

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
Exterminator You have eliminated all the final enemies! 25
Home Sweet Home. The guide has moved home! twenty
Marathon corridor You have traveled more than 42 km per land! twenty
This is that burns You have forged 10.000 metal bars! twenty
Manitas You have used all creation workshops! twenty
Until hell and back! You have entered the underworld and you have returned without dying! twenty
Bumper You have all possible health and mana! fifteen
Ophthalmologist You have defeated the twins! fifteen
BONA FIDE You have defeated Skeletron Prime! fifteen
Ride the worm You have defeated the destroyer! fifteen
Landscape You have eliminated more than 10.000 blocks! fifteen
Mass control You have defeated exéRcito Duende! fifteen
Get ready You are prepared for battle! fifteen
blacksmith You are a blacksmith’s teacher! fifteen
Bright armor knight You have achieved armor of all types. fifteen
The whole family All PNJ have moved home! 10
Touching background You have reached the end of the world! 10
Slime eliminator You have eliminated slime of all types! 10
Challenge accepted You have unlocked the difficult mode! 10
Corrupt Your world is corrupted! 10
Hallowed be thy name Your world is sacred! 10
Survivor You have survived the first night! 10
Icaro From here you can only go down! 10
The bonfire of vanities You have a brush! 10
Pet care It seems that you like pets. 10
Time to fly! Enjoy the view. 10
Engineer You have installed 100 cables! 10
Under the blood moon You have survived the blood moon! 10
Terraria expert You have completed the tutorial! 5
Terraria student You have started the tutorial! 5



Terraria expert completes the tutorial.

Terraria student begins the tutorial.


The full family that all PNJ move home.

Playing fondollega at the end of the world.


Accepted challenge unlocks the difficult mode.

Corrupocorrompe most of the world.

Sanctified be your namehaz that most of the world is sacred.

Survivors survives a whole day and night.

Icarollega to the top of the world.

The bonfire of vanities carries a whole set of decorative garments.

Pet caregiver finds all pets.

time to fly!Set yourself in heaven.

Engineer install 100 cables.

Under the blood moon survives the blood moon.


To the fullest health and mana.

Ophthalmologist defeats the twins

Bona Fide defeat Skeletron Prime.

Ride the destroyer of the destroyer.

Landscaperelimina 10.000 blocks of the world.

Mass control defeats the Army Duende.

Prepareactive 5 enhancers at the same time.

HerreroˇCrea 300 objects with an anvil!

Brilliant armor manages armor of all types.


Home Sweet Home.Make the guide move home.

Marathon Corridor travels 42 km per land.

This is that ardeforja 10.000 metal bars.

Manitasusa all creation workshops.

ˇAll hell and back!Travel from the surface to the underworld and return without dying.


Exterminator defeats all final enemies.

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