Cheats The Bureau: Xcom Declassified – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Bronze  I was not wrong with you complete your first expedition mission Visitor team Complete your first secondary operation by dejusting a muton to a muton is age to drive?Defeat a seectropod a dish that serves a frioderrota to a titan run is from cowardesfija 10 adhesive grenades to intruder enemies in a bed in the streamEnemies of a shot in the head with any weapon in a campaign exorcis … And the body died in the intruder leader history of the axis and the allies Conclusion the fatTierraderrota to 20 aliens using melee attacks in a campaign I have seen them better to the range 5 Beyond the horizon it 15 unique scanns in a bed clicking the bubble with 20 intruders of intruders using laser weapons in a bed the last suit that you will take an agent Silver  Without favoritism he takes an agent of each class in combat, you cannot be in all the places at 6 expedition missions in a campaign and you will see the world, they said…Complete 6 secondary operations in a campaign, let the boys have a completely fun operation without the player shooting a weapon or using a grenade ˇpelear like lions!Defeat all intruders before escaping in the Skyranger ready for all range the range 10 without armor you stay in swim without armor at 5 mutons before killing them in a leading campaign of Mena 150 orders to your agents using the battle approach in a campaignThe enemy is inside that enemies victims of mental control get 15 deaths in a small campaign listamata to 40 enemies while flanks in a campaign Gold  The best ones that an agent of each class reaches range 5 in a campaign generally comply with all investigations at the base in a campaign without abandoning anyone complicates the game without any agent to browse the departure to the departure in commander difficulty without changing the difficulty inNo time will not know where all agent and player skills in combat use them in a campaign Platinum  Collector gets the rest of the game trophies

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