Oddworld cheats: Abe’s Oddysee New N ‘Tasty! – Xbox One – Cheat codes, Guides

Get 100% of the game with the best final of this Roworld first remake.

Oddworld Xbox Live Live: Abe’s Oddysee New N ‘Tasty!

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
New ‘n’ tasty Rescue each mudakon with a total better time from 3:00:00 or less 75
Odd Messiah Rescue all mudokon ending new ‘n’ tasty in difficult mode 65
Mudokon Liberation ConviéRtete in El Salvador Mudokon fifty
Salvador de Odd Rescue all mudokon ending new ‘n’ tasty in normal mode fifty
Nothing like being at home Find and use all secret entries to hostile farms fifty
Quiet life Escapes the pens and the free fire zone without activating the alarm or dying fifty
Concern of the spirit Obtén the first scar in hand 35
Awakening Shrykull Obtén Shrykull’s power 35
The final time Turn off the generator of hostile farms 35
ODD prophet Rescue all mudokon completing new ‘n’ tasty in easy mode 35
Valve time Turn off the gas with more than 30 seconds 35
Escapist artist Escapes hostile farms without any slig detecting Abe 35
Hostile farms: we hire staff! Kills sligs in 15 unique ways 35
MINING GAMES Deactivate 3 mines in a row without making mistakes 30
Mudokon Pop ConviéRtete at Salami Mudokon 25
Odd shepherd Rescue half of the mudokons 25
Nine déCYMES OF THE LAW Kill 9 slugs possessing a single slug 25
Large and hard slog Kill 30 slogs in 30 seconds 25
Whyé Birds appear suddenly € ¦? Make Abe dies in 15 unique ways 25
Organic product Refuse in the sacred caves twenty
Employee of añeither Re -enter the hostile farms twenty
In a hurry Escape from a scab for the hair twenty
Down As slig possessed, shoot over the head of a cowardly mudokon twenty
Perfectly cooked Destroy a song suppressor with a hand grenade twenty
Under new management Drop 2 sligs for a trapmbilla at the same time twenty
Mudokonga Rescue 9 mudokins at the same time twenty
Odd disciple Rescue the fourth part of the mudokons fifteen
ODD act Mata 99 mudokons fifteen
Mudanchee speed Flee from a scab for 25 meters and survives fifteen
Odds and Roll Bounce a stone from the wall to a mine fifteen
Don’t get angry: take Elum Mount Elum for 200 meters without stopping fifteen
Rockin ‘Mudokon Kill a MuriciéLake with a stone fifteen
Mudomo speed Escapes 5 paramites or more 10
Encounters with the Slig Kill a slig with any type of mine 10
Very soonâ € ¦ Find a New ‘N’ Tasty entertainment advertisement 10
Ohâ € ¦ You did not observe your surroundings

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