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1. Always start below : Try to start with combinations, as it will cause a “waterfall effect” in the rest of the pieces. It will cause the pieces to move down, many times causing new combinations to occur and several movements are made automatically and in your benefit. This is especially important at the levels at which we have to lower fruits.

2. Always try to make the combination with more sweets : The minimum is three, but the more sweets combines the more points you will get and the more special treats you will get: wrapped candies, scratched candy and donuts with chips.

3. Combine special pieces Combining special pieces has tremendous effects at the level. A donut with chips with a scratch candy or a wrapped candy can eliminate dozens of sweets.

4. Start with dangerous pieces : Try to eliminate pumps and chocolate as soon as possible to avoid spoiling your game.

5. Worry about the jelly at the edges : In the levels with gelatin, the most difficult thing is to eliminate the gelatin of the edges, especially that of the last row and that of the corners, because it is where the least destruction of combinations is made. Therefore, focus first to eliminate that jelly, and the other will probably be eliminated in the vast majority alone while taking care of the edges.

6. Plan movements : At the beginning of a level, check out all the pieces to know where the difficulty can be and where to start. Also look, between combination and combination, how the level evolves to see new opportunities.

7. Keep chocolate at bay : Try to understand how chocolate is generated and destroy it so that it does not contaminate the stage.

8. Go for the treats +5 : In the timed levels they give you five second seconds, and they are necessary to complete them.

9. Extra lives trick : On your phones, when you stay without lives, go to the settings and advance the time two hours. Then recover that time you have advanced on purpose when you go to sleep, so that this trick does not interfere with the normal use of your mobile.

10. Deck the sweets without losing lives : Sometimes a level seems very difficult at first glance and it is seen that it will be impossible to overcome it. To rearrange the treats without losing lives, get out of the level without making any movement. When entering again, the treats will have changed. This trick does not work in the counterreloj tests.

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