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Xbox Live de Oeanhorn achievements: Monster of Uncharted Seas

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
Crimson collector Collect bloodthirsty from all over the world. 80
Legend Reaches the highest level of adventurer. 80
Vitality Get the 8 life containers. 80
Spendthrift Spend 2.000 coins in the store. 80
Fish sticks Catch a fish of each type 80
Begindicidal Eliminates 50 engendros. 30
Scholar Study the story of Arcadia. 30
Hero below Open the entrance to the Great Core. 30
Eternal Destroza 50 Skeletons. 30
Mythical gardener Get the curse of the Forest Sanctuary. 30
Salvador del Pueblo Protect Tikarel’s peace. 30
Grilled Kill an enemy with a burning arrow. 30
Witness Collect 10 damn skulls. 30
Sleeping giant Defeat to creation nâş 2. 30
Pocket money Collect your first 25 coins. fifteen
Smart boy Read at least 10 posters. fifteen
Near the tree Get the father’s sword and shield. fifteen
Fruits of earth It transports an object to another island. fifteen
To simmer Fund 15 objects with the fire spell. fifteen
First piece Find your first piece of heart. fifteen
Exterminator Win the centiés in abandoned mines. fifteen
Rusty Treasury Reveals the hidden statue with your ingenuity. fifteen
Hard as a boot Break a box with mounting bootsñto. fifteen
Cosmopolitan Visit all the islands of the seas. fifteen
Monstroppedia Defeat all the game monsters. fifteen
Burst Kill an enemy with laser beam. fifteen
Three in one Kill 3 enemies with a sword blow. fifteen
Derailment Kill an enemy pushing a box. fifteen
Rebound Bounce an enemy with the shield 10 times. fifteen
Making friends Release DiRefolk’s prisoner. fifteen
Archaeologist bomb Use pumps to break walls 10 times. fifteen
Worker Move boxes and other objects 100 times. fifteen
Fast sword Make 10 combo attacks. fifteen
Catchy fingers Collect 1.000 coins. fifteen
Honey Find out whaté It happened to the honey man. fifteen
Secret passage Nothing towards the channels. fifteen

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