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Xbox Live Achievements from Mordheim: City of the Damned

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
Perfectionist Complete act 2 with the initial 4 bands. 110
Mercenary auténico Reaches range 10 with the original 4 bands. 110
First smuggler Complete 100 Delivery of Witch Stone. 110
Smuggling is not easy Complete 25 Witch Stone deliveries. fifty
First anniversary A a añor complete with the same band. fifty
Commander Recruit 100 warriors. fifty
Until the last corner Find 1000 looting points. fifty
Born for battle Play 100 online games. fifty
Without flags Complete act 1 with the initial 4 bands. 10
Blessing of the Cornuda Rat Reach the range 10 with a skaven band. 10
For the empire! Reaches range 10 with a band of human mercenaries. 10
The brand of the chosen Reaches range 10 with a band of possessed. 10
For Sigmar! Reach the range 10 with a band of sigmar sisters. 10
Follow the leader Reaches range 10 with 1 leader. 10
Brute force Reaches range 10 with 1 impressive warrior. 10
Prodigy Reaches range 10 with 1 hero. 10
The first of many Reaches range 10 with 1 seuaz. 10
First step Complete 1 Witch Stone Delivery. 10
Accumulator Get and store 100 witch stones of each type at the same time. 10
One percent Sells witch stone for 100,000 gold units. 10
Inspected City Get witch stone for a total weight of 25000. 10
Initial equipment Completely equip a warrior with normal team in all spaces. 10
Expanding armory Equipa a warrior with good team in all spaces. 10
THE KNIGHT OF THE BRIGHT ARMOR Equipa a warrior with superior team in all spaces. 10
Leader Recruit 5 warriors. 10
Captain Recruit 50 warriors. 10
Runic blacksmith Unlock 100 recipes. 10
Abandoned wealth Look for 25 looting points. 10
Opportunist Leave 25 stunned enemies. 10
Executioner Leave 100 stunned enemies. 10
More noise when falling Leave 5 impressive warriors. 10
David and Goliat Leave 50 impressive warriors. 10
Pickpocket Loot 25 fallen enemies. 10
Looter Loot 250 fallen enemies. 10
Accurate blows Stun 25 enemies. 10
Skull cracker Stun to 100 enemies. 10
Lucky blows Advises 25 critical blows. 10
Deadly precision Advises 250 critical blows. 10
Neophyte sorcerer Launches 25 spells with éxito. 10
Skilled sorcerer Launches 250 spells with éxito. 10
Péacceptable yields Loses 50 out -of -combat warriors during battle. 10
Expendable Loses 500 out -of -combat warriors during battle. 10
Wisdom of the survivor Win a battle with a manco or lame warrior. 10
It is a trap! Activate 100 traps. 10
Now you know… Complete 2 of the 4 battle tutorials. 10
And knowing is half of the battle! Complete the 4 battle tutorials. 10
First blood Win an online game. 10
Tactical skill Win 50 games online. 10
Tanteo of the terrain Play an online game. 10
In the fight Play 25 online games. 10
Witch Hunters – Act 1 Complete Act 1 with a Witch Hunter Warband 10
Witch Hunters – Act 2 Complete Act 2 with A Witch Hunter Warband 10
Death by Fire! Reach Rank 10 with a witch hunter warband 10

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