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Change the color of the bowling ball

While the screen is molten in black when entering the game, I maintainén the analog command in the indicated address to obtain balls of different colors:
Above – Right – Doradaabajo – Verdeiz left – red

Change the tennis track

To change the tennis track to a blue practice track, press and maintainén but button 2 on the warning screen that comes out when selecting the characters.

Play golf without maps or guides

To disable the energy bar, the map and the wind speed indicator, press and maintainén but button 2. Then select your game on the track selection screen.

Silver boxing gloves

Afterés of defeating the great champion, Matt, in a boxing fight, you can wear silver gloves. To do so, keepén button 1 when the screen turns black before a fight.

Special Bowling Ball

Get the Pro level to unlock a bowling ball with designñdiamond in it.

He entertains the public in bowling

To make the public laugh, muéGo to one of the gutters and turn towards the opposite. Throw the ball so that the barrier between tracks exceeds and goes on the adjoining gutter.

It scares the public

To scare the public, start throwing but releases the ball when you throw your arm back. The ball will fly to the public, which will make them jump and exclaim scared.

91 Strike Pin in Power Bowling training

To automatically get a 91 Pin Strike in the last power of Power Bowling, throw the ball into the right or left raíl so that it remains in e´l all the time. If you get to the end without falling, you will hear a click and an explosion. All bowling will fall.

Note: This only works in the last round.

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