Extra cars

Get more vehicles meeting the following objectives.

DODGE CHALLENGER SRT8 392 (Class A) Defeat Ali Howard.

Ferrari 599xx Defeat Darius Flynt.

Ford F150 SVT Raptor (Class B) Defeat Ramona Cravache.

Lamborghini Diablo SV (Class A) Defeat Duque Maguire.

Lexus LF-A (Class S) Defeat Zaki Malik.

Nissan GT-R Black Edition (Class S) Defeat Marko Bavan.

Salen S7 (Class R3) Defeat Hailey Harper.

Easy skill points

Buy the last GTR (2012) and improve it to the maximum. Drives the long road on the east of the highway that connects Nice and the Horizon Festival.

Once there, go to the northwest next to the highway at maximum speed, dodge traffic increase your multiplier. After leaving the tunnel you will have to use the emergency brakes to turn and drive in the opposite direction.

Xbox Live of Forza Horizon 2 achievements 2

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
All or nothing You have dominated all the events of the Horizon Festival. fifty
MuñGolden Equera You have earned the muñGolden Equera. fifty
Human GPS You have driven all the game roads. fifty
Addicted You have participated in 200 multiplayer events. fifty
Horizon champion You have defeated everyone and you have become the Horizon champion. 40
Worthy of a sultan Your garage is worth more than 20 million CRéditos. 40
The chosen one You have won 109 skill points. 40
Destroy to taste You have found and destroyed all bonus posters. 40
Playground Games in person You have completed 100 Playground Games. 40
Road traveler You have completed the 3 road trips. 30
Horizon teacher You have dominated all the events of 3 destinations. 30
MuñBronze equera You have earned the muñBronze equera. 30
I accept the challenge Mission accomplished! You have completed all vital experiences. 30
Friends with benefits You have achieved a total of 1 000 000 cr of the rivals. 30
Have a good trip You have completed 25 locations on the online road trip. 30
Yes we can You and your friends hadéis completed 25 acrobatics of vital experiences together. 30
Éblockbuster You have achieved all the bonuses offered by the sponsor. 30
Welcome to Saint-Martin You have arrived at Saint-Martin. twenty
Welcome to Nice Masséna You have arrived at Niza Masséna. twenty
Horizon worker You have dominated all the events of a destination. twenty
Muñpurple equera You have earned the muñpurple equera. twenty
Car lover Your garage saves 50 cars. twenty
To every flash 20 different speed cameras have caught more than 100 mph (161 km/h). twenty
Fast and clean This is how it drives. You have achieved clean driving ability 100 times. twenty
Welcome to Horizon Europe You have arrived at the Horizon Festival with style. 10
The first of many You have won your first race. 10
Salary driver You have achieved your first sponsor bonus. 10
Road and Manta, Jack You have completed the Amateur road trip. 10
Desdén to the train You have defeated the train at an Horizon exhibition event. 10
Welcome to Montellino You have arrived in Montellino. 10
Welcome to San Giovanni You have arrived in San Giovanni. 10
Welcome to Castelletto You have arrived in Castelletto. 10
Welcome to Sisteron You have arrived in Sisteron. 10
Horizon apprentice You have dominated your first championship event. 10
Muñyellow equera You have earned the muñyellow equera. 10
MuñBlue Equera You have earned the muñBlue Equera. 10
New car smell You have bought your first car. 10
Skilled You have won 10 skill points. 10
Summer sales You have shattered 25 bonus posters. 10
Follow that car You have achieved 3 rewards. 10
Throw the glove You have completed 10 acrobatics of vital experiences. 10
FriendñTeam eros You have joined a car club. 10
Warehouse hunter You have restored 5 abandoned cars. 10
User You have participated in 20 multiplayer events. 10
Back to the road You have completed your first location on the online road trip. 10
Friendñfree fatigue eros You have joined a free driving session with a friend. 10


10g  Welcome to Horizon Europallega to the Horizon Festival the first one of the GlazTRAIN IN AN EXHIBITION EVENT OF HORIZON MUńEQUERA YELClub in any of the 20 speed cameras ˇun Drivetar wild!Win 3 face to face against drivatares that carry a reward by stretching the legs 15 objects to your set of solo vital experiences friends with the right to rocconstiguejigua a total of 1.000.000 Cr of the GPS GPS rivals on all the roads of the social caterpillarwith decoration, tune and bought configuration ˇuno less!Complete a challenge of the set of vital experiences in solo 20g  Horizonelige leader for the first time the fate of the Horizoncompleta Fan Rostera Trip, 25 Muńequera RosaconsiguegiguPazComplete all the challenges of the set of vital experiences alone!Win a confrontation in all car concentrations 25g  Welcome to Castelletollega to Castelleto for the first time welcome to Nizallega to Nice for the first time welcome to Sisteronelga to Sisteron for the first time welcome to Montellinollega to Montellllino for the first time welcome to Saint-Martinllega to Saint-Martin for the first time welcome to San Giovannillega to SanGiovanni for the first time Horizoncompleta enthusiastic 100 Lealgana 500 championships.000 PE for your club 30g  MUńEQUERA MORADONGANGUE THE MUńEQUERA MUńEQUERA DORADANGONGA THE GORADA MUEQUERA BUENJOMPLETA 25 locations on the road trip online yes we can comply 25 objects of vital experiences in cooperative team player 50 team 40g  Worthy of a sultán 175 cars in the garage dominates the playground 50g  Horizon champion become the Horizon champion all or nothing 2.Complete the 168 social butterfly championships competes in 200 multiplayer events

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