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The game ends and the game starts in a new game +. Press the next combination of buttons to fly:

Up, up, up + a


Overcomes this puzzles game that you experience with the perspectives with this guide.

Xbox Live of Fez Xbla achievements

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
Total You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here. Ok, you can stay here. 40
Error screen You have visited visitors. 25
Hexahedronaut Do not forget ité. 25
The same and opposite Negative space. fifteen
Interdimensional zone How to fold a sheet of paper. fifteen
Cryptographer There are patterns everywhere. fifteen
Achievement unlocked Unlocking. fifteen
Get a cube Take a cube! 10
Haikus, no ébeak An anthology of Zu wisdom. 10
Phrenologist The room of wisdom is the head. 10
More powerful than the sword A CUBE TO WRITING. 10
A game of numbers A cube to count. 10


40g: Total Find all collectible objects.

25G: Hexahedronaut Gather the 32 golden cubes and 32 anticubos.

25G: Error screen Reaches the end.

15G: Interdimensional Zone Reactive the 5 interdimensional doors.

15G: cryptographer Decipher the code.

15g: Unlocked achievement RTRTLTRTLTLT

15G: The same and opposite Find an anticubo.

10G: A game of numbers Find the cube artifact to count.

10G: Get a cube Find your first cube fragment.

10g: more powerful than the sword Find the artifact cube to write.

10g: haikus, not epic Find the artifact volume.

10G: Frenologist Find the Calavera device.

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