Far Cry Primal cheats – Xbox One – Cheat codes, Guides

Uproblems with the wild life of the new Far Cry? Here you have a video guide.

All pets

All the animals you can love.

Xbox Live achievements of Far Cry Primal

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
Krati, Krati, Krati! Steal Krati’s Izila mask. 100
Real estate fat Complete all hut improvements. fifty
Wenja Expert Learn all skills. fifty
Expansion Capture all positions. fifty
THE ROAD TO OROS Survive mammoth. twenty
Spear -proof REPEAT THE ATTACK UDAM. twenty
Liberator Rescue a wenja prisoner from the Izila. twenty
Out of the cage Escape from the caverns udam. twenty
Twelve works Complete 12 specialist missions. twenty
A ashes Batari’s fall completes the mission. twenty
Evolution in action Complete the Ull Hunt Mission. twenty
Kitten kitten Dress the Saber Blood Fall teeth. twenty
Teddy Doma to the big scar bear. twenty
Threatened Fight against the bloody fang. twenty
Good Guy Dress the Wolf Snow Blood. twenty
Subdivisions Your Wenja tribe reaches a population of 20. twenty
VergĂľenza tears Kill and break 1 animal tamed. twenty
And don’t get up Ends with 100 enemies using a club. twenty
Skewered Ends with 100 enemies using a spear. twenty
Accurate shooter Ends with 100 enemies using an arc. twenty
For them Ends with 50 hostile objectives using a tamed animal. twenty
Feathered friend End with 15 enemies using your owl. twenty
Gunsmith Use 100 times the creation skill to create weapons or arrows. twenty
Skirmish Capture 10 positions. twenty
Conquest Capture all strong. twenty
Cave Collect 80 collectibles. twenty
Good neighbor Complete 15 orders “Help Wenja” twenty
Cartographer Discover 15 hidden locations. twenty
Crush to your enemies Complete 10 orders “Tribal Conflict”. twenty
Tracker teacher Complete 5 orders “Kill Beast”. twenty
The belief of the murderer Ends with 25 enemies using any elimination. fifteen
Right on target Kill an objective that isé 50 steps or more using a spear. fifteen
Diana Kill an objective that isé 70 steps or more using an arrow. fifteen
Menagerie Doma to 7 animals. fifteen
Vet Cures a tamed animal 25 times. fifteen
Wenja brand 4 Discover the future of the past. fifteen
Good shooter Karoosh joins the Wenja village. 10
Spiritual advisor Tense binds to the Wenja village. 10
Fix it Wagah joins the Wenja village. 10
Gray hunter Jayma joins the Wenja village. 10
Homemade DIY Build or improve 2 huts in the village. 10
Flammable Ends 50 enemies with fire. 10
David and Goliat Ends with 10 enemies using a deep. 10
Get out of my way Ends with 25 enemies mounted on any animal. 10
Bad trip Poisonic to 25 enemies using poison. 10
Bees! Ends with 10 enemies using sting bombs. 10
Quick hand Ends with 15 enemies by launching fragments. 10
You caught youé Ends with 10 enemies using traps. 10
Kand of faith Scale up to the top of the brownoku viewpoint and jump from it. 10
Special friend Doma to 1 rare animal. 10

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