Doors codes

These are the codes of the different doors that you will find in the game:

Adonis luxury resort: 1540 The Clinic: 0047 Maintenance Ana Siren: 1919 PARK Dionysus: 1080.Plasmid Theater: 5254.Torre Vigía: 2673.Recreational therapy: 4146

Unlockable multiplayer

Upon reaching the different ranges of the multiplayer you will unlock the following things:

RANGE 1: Weapon: Gun/Shotoplasses: Electrobolt/Winter Blast/Incinear Máscara: Rabbit/goat.Melee: English key, pipe, candelabro.

RANGE 2: Weapon: machine gun.

RANGE 3: Tonic: Expert researcher, security evasion.


RANGE 5: Improvement: Automatic gun.

RANGE 6: Weapon: Lanzzanadas.

RANGE 7: Tonic: Quick recovery.

RANGE 8: PLASMID: Geyser trap.

RANGE 9: Improvement: more cadence for the shotgun.

RANGE 10: Weapon: Ballesta.Mask: Eagle, tragicomedy.Melee: machete, kitchen roller.

RANGE 11: Tonic: Point in the back.

RANGE 12: PLASMID: Telekinesis.

RANGE 13: Improvement: More cartridge for machine gun.

RANGE 14: Weapon: Nails gun.

RANGE 15: Tonic: Metabolic Eve.

RANGE 16: PLASMID: Houdini.

RANGE 17: Improvement: Grandas Teledirigidas.

RANGE 18: Weapon: Elephant gun.

Rank 19: Tonic: sabotage.

RANGE 20: PLASMID: Swarm of insects.Mask: Moon, pen.Melee: Mazo, Wire.

RANGE 21: Improvement: More damage.

RANGE 22: Tonic: repair.

RANGE 23: Improvement: more nail pistol ammunition.

RANGE 24: Improvement: faster hacking.

RANGE 25: Improvement: Look Elephant gun sniper.

RANGE 26: Tonic: batter.

RANGE 27: Improvement: More Damage for the gun.

RANGE 28: Tonic: Leg Up.

RANGE 29: Improvement: Automatic shotgun recharge.

RANGE 30: Tonic: fast feet.Mask: Pen, King of the Sun.Melee: bar, flashlight.

RANGE 31: Improvement: Less Relation of the machine gun.

RANGE 32: Tonic: mortal machine.

RANGE 33: Improvement: More speed of launcher.

RANGE 34: Tonic: Headhunter.

RANGE 35: Improvement: More Ballesta Cadence.

RANGE 36: Tonic: Big Game Hunter.

RANGE 37: Improvement: More damage to the nail gun.

RANGE 38: Tonic: Mortal trap.

RANGE 39: Improvement: more damage in the elephant gun.

RANGE 40: Tonic: Resurrection.Mask: Octopus, Demon.Melee: Ax.

Collectibles (audios)

Bioshock 2 Xbox Live Live

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
Reincarnation Use the Renacer option to start over. 100
Flight You have escaped from Rapture. 100
All Little Sister lists You have dealt with all the Little Sister. fifty
Choose the impossible Level 40 achieved. fifty
Go out You have escaped from the lair of Minerva. fifty
Meeting You have met your original little sister. fifty
Rapture historian You have found 100 daily tickets. 40
Against all odds You have finished the game at the highest level of difficulty. 30
Collection teacher You have collected 600 ADAM with Little Sisters. 30
savior You have saved all the Little Sister and forgiven Grace, Stanley and Gil. 25
You have them squares You have finished the game without using the Vita-Cámaras. 25
Aqua incognita Play at least one unprivate game on each additional map. 25
Territorial Win an unproducting game in each of the six new maps. 25
Get a bigger cube You have collected 50% of the ADAM available in all protector tests 25
Towards the surface You have addressed the surface on the side of the Sinlair flight capsule. 25
Great Big Daddy You have defeated 3 big daddies without dying in the fight. 25
All plasmids You have achieved or bought the 11 basic types of plasmids. twenty
Unbreakable You have defended yourself from the Big Sister without dying. twenty
‘Mr. PUBPAS, NO!’ You have dejected your first big daddy in an unpriced game. twenty
Madraza You have saved your first little sister in an unprivated game. twenty
Littleñto moth Level 20 achieved. twenty
Skin arrangement Level 30 achieved. twenty
Test terrain You have won your first unprivate departure. twenty
Perfect protector You have collected 100% of ADAM in a single protector test twenty
Login You have reached operations, in the central computer of Rapture. twenty
Administrator access You have reached access to the computer core. twenty
SUDO You have managed to take control from the thinker to Reed Wahl. twenty
Protective You have defended the Tenenbaum train from Lamb’s Spplicer attack. twenty
Sinclair’s solution You have joined forces with Sinclair in Ryan attractions. twenty
Onced preacher You have defeated the preacher. twenty
Smell for the news You have discovered the secret of the Dionysus Park. twenty
Gil key You have achieved the Gil Alexander cancellation key. twenty
All weapons improvements You have achieved all the improvements of weapons ‘power for the people’ of the game. twenty
Prolific pirate You have pirate a machine of each type. twenty
Pirate teacher You have pirate 30 remote machines with the piracy tool. twenty
A research category You have fully investigated a research category. twenty
Research teacher You have finished the investigation of all the subjects of Rapture. twenty
What a pirate you are made You have killed 50 enemies using only pirate security. fifteen
Trapper teacher You have killed 30 enemies using only traps. fifteen
Protective teacher You have overcome a collection without anyone reaching the Little Sister. fifteen
Spendthrift You have spent 2.000 dollars in vending machines. fifteen
Fireproof You have won 36 stars in protector tests fifteen
Family enemy You have achieved a note from A in all protector tests fifteen
Completely improved plasmid You have completely improved a plasmid to level 3 version. 10
Antinatural selection You have dejected your first opponent in an unprivate game. 10
Welcome to Rapture You have finished your first unprivate game. 10
Disgusting Frankenstein You have become Big Daddy for the first time in an unprivate game. 10
Heroicities from three to room You have finished your first test in an unprivate game. 10
Parasite Level 10 achieved. 10
Person of the world You have played at least one unprivated game on each multiplayer map. 10
Acid test You have won 18 stars in protector tests 10
Guardian angel You have completed all bonus protector tests 10
Garbage collection You have destroyed the 10 bourse of the lair of Minerva. 10
RéCord You have achieved 9999 points in a game of Spitfire. 10
Lancer’s murderer You have killed a Big Daddy Lancero. 10
Adam addicted You have solved all the Little Sisters of the Lady of Minerva. 10
Dad has returned You have managed to return to the Rapture ruins. 10
Grace key You have achieved Grace’s cancellation key. 10
Maximum plasmid grooves You have reached the maximum number of plasmid slots. 10
Improved weapon You have improved a weapon in a terminal ‘Power for the people’. 10
Completely improved weapon You have installed the third improvement of a weapon. 10
Return of Granada You have killed a splicer with his own Granada. 5
Irony You have presented your respects to the founder of Rapture. 5
Tornasol test You have won 6 stars in protector tests 5
Bought slot You have bought a tonic or plasmid slot in a garden of collection. 5
Distance pirate You have used the pirate tool to hack a remote object. 5
First investigation You have investigated a SPLUSER with the Research Chamber. 5
Little Sister adopted You have adopted a new little sister for the first time. 5


Achievements Requirements
“Mr. Bubbles- no!” (twenty) Eliminate your first big daddy in an unpriced game.
9-Iruy (5) Present your respects to the Founder of Rapture.
Adopted a little sister (5) Adopt a new little sister for the first time.
Against All Odds (30) The game ends at the highest difficulty level.
All plasmids (20) Find or buy 11 basic types of plasmid.
All Weapon Upgrades (20) Finds the 14 improvements for weapons power for the people.
Big Brass Balls (25) The game ends without using a single vita-channel.
Big Spender (15) Gástate 2000 dollars in sales machines.
Bought A Slot (5) Buy a plasmid or tonic box.
Choose The Impossible (50) Get the range 40.
Confrontated grace (10) Face Lieutenant Lamb in Pauper’s Drop.
Counterattack (5) Kill an enemy with his own projectile.
Daddy’s Home (10) Find the way back between the ruins of Rapture.
Dealt with Every Little Sister (50) Harvest or save all little systems of the game.
Defeated The Preacher (20) Excuse the preacher.
Disgusting Frankenstein (10) Become a Big Daddy for the first time in an unprivated game.
DISTANCE HACKER (5) Use the piracy tool to hack a machine in the distance.
Escape (100) Escape from Rapture.
First Research (5) Look for a Spplicer with the search machine.
Found Lamb’s Hideout (20) Access the Fort of Lamb.
Fully Upgraed to Plasmid (10) Upload your plasmids to the fullest (level 3).
Fully Upgrad to Weapon (10) Install the third and final improvement for any of your weapons.
Grand Daddy (25) Expires three big daddys without dying in the attempt.
Heading to the Surface (25) Rises to the surface on the Sinclair escape scan.
Little Moth (20) Get level 20.
Look at you, hacker (15) Kill 50 enemies using only pirated security.
Man About Town (10) Play at least one unprivated game on each multiplayer map.
Master Gatherer (30) Get 600 ADAM with Little Sisters.
Master Hacker (20) Piratea 30 machines in the distance with the piracy tool.
Protective Master (15) Psupera a meeting without receiving damage and without anyone reaching the Little Sister.
Max Plasmid Slots (10) Upload the maximum level of the greatest number of plasmids as possible.
Mother Goose (20) Save your first little sister in an unprivated game.
Nose for News (20) Discover Dionysus Park’s secret.
One Research Track (20) The level of a search path rises to the maximum.
Parasite (10) Get the range 10.
Prolific Hacker (20) I successfully pirate at least one machine of each type.
Protector (20) Defend yourself against Lamb’s assault on the train station.
Rapture Historyn (40) Find 100 Auto Diario.
Research Master (20) Get the highest research level in 9 subjects.
MEETING (50) Gather with your original little sister.
Savior (25) Save all Little Sisters and forgive Grace, Stanley and Gil.
Sinclair’s Solution (20) Join Sinclair in Ryan’s fun.
Skin Job (20) Get level 30.
Trap Master (15) Kill 30 enemies using traps.
Two-bit heroics (10) Complete your first challenge in an unprivate game.
Unbreakable (20) Defend yourself against the Big Sister without dying.
UNNATURAL SELECTION (10) Get your first death in an unprivate game.
Upgraded to Weapon (10) Raise the level of a weapon in a town power station.
WELCOME TO Rapture (10) Complete your first unprivate game.

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