SpongeBob cheats. The hero – Psvita – Cheat codes, Guides

The true hero Get all trophies


Self -inflicted damage Make Patricio crush the patriciosurio

Jurassic tunante Prevents you from crushing the patriciosurio

Imbatiburbuja Complete a level without being unconscious

INVENCIBUJA Complete a level without suffering

Bikini background heroes ConviéRtete in superhero 100 times

How to look in the mirror Wake up imaginary spongebob as a spongebob

He saved the world Complete the game with any character

I am superfabulous Completely improve all the characters


Scare me Calamardosaur Rex escapes like Calamardo

Restored reality Get all lost pages

Collector Find all Inter objectsés

Scrap Defeat the Giant Plankton Robot

Impossible to improve more Improve a character completelyThe bigger… Escape from Calamardosaur Rex

Vegetarian Complete a level without using any launcher


A good start Find the first lost page

Now better Improves a skill

yessss! Salta 100 times on elastic beds

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