Star Wars cheats: The power of force – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Trick cheat codes

Cheat codes Effect
Ossus Unlock all data inputs.
Katran Unlocks and maximizes all powers of force.
Adegan All unlocked saber launch levels.
Jocasta All unlocked talents.
Lightsaber Amplify the damage.
Ragnos Unlock a combo.
TK421White Unlock the white imperial soldier suit.
Mindrick Create a reflection of each level.
Exarkun Maximize the force of strength.
Kitfisto New combo.
Massassi New combo.
Freedom New combo.
Sazen New combo.
Lumiya New combo.
Mastermind Play as the emperor.
Mandalore Play as General Rahm Kota.
Prototype Proxy.
Blackhole Shadow Trooper.
TK421BLUE Commander Storm-Troper.
Hurrikane Unlock all laser saber crystals.
Adegan Unlock the saber launch.
Marajade New combo.
Sohndann Unlock the 32 costumes.
Moldycrow Unlock all the combos of force.
Viceroy Unlock the Organ Bail suit.
Dantooine Unlock the Jedi ceremonial suit.
Phoenix Unlock the incinerator trooper.
Holocron Unlock the jedi adventure clothes.
Wookiee Unlock Kento’s suit.
Yaddle New combo.
Ferral Unlock Trooper Scout’s suit.
Sithspawn Unlock the difficulty Sith’s difficulty.
Snowman Unlock the snowtrooper.
Brutalstab Unlock the saber impale.
Hardboiled Unlock the drunk kota suit.
Korriban Unlock the Sith Stalker armor.


To unlock the difficulty modeSith teacher , Complete the game once.

Unlockable costumes

Jedi clothes : Complete the game on the Jedi side.

Sith armor : Complete the game on the dark side.

100% completed Unlock all trophies.


“No more lies, old” Defeat Obi-Wan, before and after becoming more powerful than you could imagine

Jedi teacher The Jedi Temple completes in Difficulty Sith Master

Legendary Win 600.000 force points at a level

Jedi Council Complete game: Sith Teacher Difficulty. Do not change the difficulty after starting the game.“I’m not your father, but…” Takes Luke to school


Master in Strength Force Defeat 500 enemies with strength push

Lord Sith Complete game: Difficulty lord Sith. Do not change the difficulty after starting the game.

And the quarterback is roasted Defeat to Boba Fett

Knight Jedi The Jedi temple completes in difficulty Lord Sith

Guerrero Sith Complete game: Difficulty Guerrero Sith. Do not change the difficulty after starting the game.

Master in Ray Shield Defeat 500 enemies with ray shield

Master in repelling strength Defeat 500 enemies with repelling strength

Master in Ray Force Defeat 500 enemies with force force

Master in Garre Force Defeat 500 enemies with force grip

Master in Saber Launch Defeat 500 enemies with saber launch

Skywalker style Meet Jabba and defeat your pet using the well door

Holocrones attorney Get the Jedi Holocrones of the gameOFFICIAL MEMBER PETE Manages to pass the ice caves without killing any wampa

Expert Win 500.000 force points at a level

Sith tests Complete all the challenges of the training room and combat modules

Pete hates you Kill 10 wampas in ice caves


Skilled Win 250.000 force points at a level

Repulsion Defeat 100 with repelling strength

Rebel leader Defeat 500 imperial

Scourge Defeat 100 enemies with ray shield

Cannon fodder Defeat 150 assault soldiers

Frenzy Get a bonif. of frenzy x4

Sith frenzy Get a bonif. of frenzy x8

Lord Sith frenzy Get a bonif. of frenzy x12

Worse day shift manager Kill 12 assault soldiers with Vader in the prologue

Jedi young The Jedi temple completes in learning difficulty

Electrocution Defeat 100 with force

Padawan The Jedi temple completes in Difficulty Guerrero Sith

Harder will be the fall Defeat 10 at -st or at-

Sith training Complete all the lessons in the training room

Grip Defeat 100 with prey with force

Junkyard Complete level: raxus prime, act 1

Revenge Complete game: dark side

Robot pieces Exceeds the training room in less than 2 minutes

Push Defeat 100 with strength

Control Exceeds the tests without the sphere becoming red

Launch Defeat 100 enemies with a launch movement

While the world turns Use a big balloon to kill 10 enemies in the museum

Invasion Complete the level: prologue

Empirical Complete the level: empirical, act 2

The bigger they are Defeat 6 rancors

Apprentice Complete game: apprentice difficulty. Do not change the difficulty after starting the game.

Impalement Defeat 100 with saber launch

Insurrection Complete level: Tie factory, act 1

Bully Defeat 25 ugnaughts or Jawas

Hot bot Use the plates burning three times in the Gonk Energy Droide

Corellian star Complete all bonus objectives at a level

Jawa squeezer Kill 5 Jawas using the garbage processing room transformer

Jedi hunt Complete level: Felucia, Act 1

Redemption Complete game: bright side

Bossk Defeat 200 wookiees in Kashyykk’s prologue

Destroyer Complete level: raxus prime, act 2

Proxy will not be happy 35 droids

Cut the tap Remove the energy battery without destroying any of the centinelas turrets

Plague Complete level: Felucia, Act 2

The cable boy Use electrical cables through the ECO base to electrocute fifteen enemies

Celestial Link Complete level: kashyyyk, act 2

Steam camera Complete level: cloud city, act 2

Prey Defeat 100 enemies with a prey movement

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