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Each season lasts 28 days. The first two days occur the confrontations of the first cup round, while the other 26 days the league takes place (13 round trip games). Apart from the league, every two days there are cup matches (if you are still alive in the competition) and Champions League (if you have qualified and have not eliminated you). In this way, for the next 26 days you can play two games a day.


You start the game at level 1, the lowest, and to level up you have to be at least seventh in the league.

At each level, the prize that you earn for each game played in each competition increases, the level of the players you can buy, and also the assessment of these. Each quality star requires five more points. So that a five -star quality player will become four stars the following season if you level up.

Breaks, moral and treatments:

Players have morals and physical condition. The physical condition is predictable, it depends on whether or not they play, whether or not they train, and 5% is recovered every three hours. In this way, every day a player improves 40% his physical condition. Moral depends on several factors, and ranges between 50 and 100.

To improve the physical condition we can apply breaks, which occur in our training centers every several days, or as a reward for making changes to the parties.

To improve morals we can apply “psychologist”, which are managed to win games and seeing them. A session improves morale, while two sessions fill it completely.

The injuries are cured in several days, but treatments can cure it immediately. Five for one day, nine for two days, 12 for three days, 14 for four days and 15 for five days.

There are several ways to get more breaks, moral and treatments. One of them is buying them in the game store in exchange for tókens, but they can also get free of charge watching advertising videos. The number of videos and availability changes every day, so it is advisable to visit this section to see if we can see advertising in exchange for these extras.

Players and assessment:

In the squad you can have up to 22 players: 11 headlines, seven substitutes who go to the matches and up to four extra reservations.

The players begin with a three -seasons contract, which is the maximum, and at the end of the contract they stay a few more days in the team in case you want to renew, until they disappear. When you renew a player, he usually asks for a salary increase and a signing premium. That is, renewing the players is like signing them again, although for an amount much lower than their value.

The assessment of a player depends on two factors: their quality and their age. The lower age, the more valuation, since its quality can improve with the passage of the years. The higher the age of the most slow player will be his progress in experience, except if he manages to be a game player, so he receives a skill point regardless of his age.

The quality of a player is the average among his offensive, defensive and physical skills. Each of these skills is the average of five sections. For a player to raise a medium quality point 30 skill points are needed.

There is also the possibility of assigning special skills – if they have none – that usually cost 40 or 50 skill points, and also assign new roles (adjacent to their natural position or extra roles) that cost 50 points of skill.


The signing screen shows offers of a quality similar to that of your league, with the maximum of five stars and the maximum quality prior to the six stars. The signings can be ordered by age, term, price and quality. When we make an offer we will have to be aware of the deadline of presenting offers, since there may be several, and then there will be a qualifying round. To make an offer we have to spend a token.

When there are several offers, the game will go to an elimination mode in which at least one offer must be made. If no offer is made in an extra round, it will win the one with the largest offer in the previous round. It is important, even if you are “the leader” of a round, make the offer, since many players will wait for the last second to do it and thus steal it at the last moment. You can also use this strategy if you are the one behind.


Friends become adding to players when you are seeing their profile. The game tries to group friends every time they organize the League and the Champions League every season. Will put you in both competitions with friends, as long as you are classified. If your friends are good, it will be a very competitive league, and if they are bad you will win easily.

Apart from this, having friends in the game has advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of having friends: You will occasionally receive gifts like breaks, and even skill points. In addition, friends can know when you play and go to encourage you, giving you a possession bonus.

Disadvantages: Friends have the “ability” to organize friendly matches with you. This can arrive at the least indicated moment. You can have your alignment made, ready, prepared and rested for a game that is in half an hour, and suddenly a friend organizes a friendly with you for 10 minutes before that game, causing the players to fatigue you or injure you.

Tip on friends: Make friends who are as competitive as you and know that they will not organize friendly matches to harm you, either voluntarily or involuntarily.

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