Star Wars cheats: The power of force II – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Trick mode

Pause the game and go to the options menu. Enter the Cheats section and introduce one of the following codes to obtain the desired effect.

“Libo”: dark green laser sword.”Solari”: White laser sword.”Marek”: repulsion power.”Bring”: launch the laser sword.”Yarael”: Mental trick. “Mandalore”: Boba fett suit.”Ventress”: Dark apprentice suit.”Nomi”: Experimental Jedi armor (good apprentice).”Rahm”: General Kota suit.”AJP400″: Jump Trooper suit.”Gunray”: Neimoidian suit.”Specforce”: rebel command suit.”Rebellscum”: Rebel Troops Costume.”Morgukai”: Sword Guardian suit.”Harper”: Scout troop suit.”Haazen”: Sith acolyte suit.”Holodroid”: Sith Droid Training Costume.”TK421″: Stormtrooper suit.”Shadow”: Trooper horror suit.


To be able to see a new introductory video predicting the title, you will have to have a game of the original Star Wars: The Force Unleashed with the different finals.

Play as Guybrush Threepwood

On the second level we will find a hologram of Jabba The Hutt, along with a stuff of Guybrush Threepwoods in the form of a statue. Destroys the three machines that are in front of the hologram and a red holocron will appear. Recognize it and achieve in this way, Guybrush Threepwood’s suit.

Bonus costumes

General Kota: Get a silver medal in the challenge “Deadly Path Trial”.

Sword Guardian: Get a silver medal in the challenge “Cloning Spire Trial”.

Terror Trooper: Get a silver medal in the “Terror Trial” challenge.

Padawan (bronze): Complete the game in easy difficulty.

Jedi Master (Silver): Complete the game in difficult difficulty.

Knight Jedi (Bronze): Complete the game in the average difficulty.

Grand Master Jedi (Gold): Complete the game in the unleashed difficulty.

Amplifier (bronze): kills 10 enemies with the bullshit towers.

Kamfetti (Bronze): Kill 5 enemies with Kamino’s fans.

Imperial Pinball (Bronze): Spears 10 enemies to Kamino’s generators.

Anti-Droid fury (bronze): controls the terrible walker and destroys all terrible biodroids.

full! (Bronze): Kill three enemies with a single “bowling ball”.

In pieces (bronze): breaks 10 enemies frozen in carbonita.

Banking (bronze): destroys 10 slot machines.

Assistant (bronze): use Vader’s advanced tie to destroy the at-MP.

Concentrated in the target (bronze): it reaches the gorog that falls without colliding with any rubble.

Disaster Lord (Bronze): Break all the cooling tanks of salvation without dying.

Stakross al excellent (bronze) medal: destroys 12 lightning rods in Kamino’s chop.

Artificiero Jedi (Bronze): Eliminates all terrible spider bombs of salvation.

Gone like a good blaster…? (Bronze): Kill 10 enemies using the Turboláseres in Kamino’s instruction fields.

The top of the world (bronze): it reaches the top of the tower without falling once.

Champion (gold): Complete the first ten challenges and get at least one gold medal in each.

Rookie (bronze): complete the first ten challenges and get at least one bronze medal in each.

Challenging (Bronze): Complete a challenge and get at least one bronze medal.

Hat Trick (Silver): Get a gold medal in any 3 challenges.

Platinum (silver): get a platinum medal in any challenge.

Competitor (silver): get a silver medal in any 5 challenges.

Unleashed (Bronze): Active Rabies Force 10 times.

Good trip, I see you on the other side (bronze): make 50 enemies die from falls.

To the maximum (bronze): improve all the powers of the force to the range 3.

Use the force, Luke (bronze): Complete a battle level using only force powers.

Good streak (bronze): defeat 300 enemies in a row without dying.

Death in heavens (bronze): destroys 15 fighters tie.

Aracnophobia (bronze): destroys 200 terrible spider droids.

ˇQuema! (Bronze): disintegrates 15 enemies throwing themselves in red force fields.

Hamelin flutist (bronze): cheat 10 assault troops to jump towards death with mental trick.

Holocrones hunter (bronze): Find all holocrones.

Return to the sender (bronze): destroy an AT-MP grabbing its missiles and throwing them back.

Far towards the sky (bronze): overload the jetpacks of 20 jump soldiers.

Passive-agreesive (bronze): blocks and counterattacks in 10 melee attacks.

Yeah! (Silver): Make all combat movements (except combos that require a rank saber 3).

ˇ In all face! (Bronze): Returns 20 missiles to at-MP.

Specialist (bronze): improves a power to range 3.

Loaded to the maximum (bronze): Use an entire force bar in a lightning attack.

Platinum (Platinum): Get all game trophies.

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